Is Free Antivirus Download Secure Enough?

The internet is filled with 'antivirus free download' ads. And it's hard to resist them as they offer - or at least propose to do so - the much-coveted computer security for free. Now the question is: can you trust these products? Do they really offer substantial security? Or are they just scams luring users towards the paid version? Let's find out the answers.

Believe it or not, free antivirus is good. For some users (those who don't use the internet too much) they may be more than enough. No doubt about that. But these security products do have their disadvantages.

Antivirus Download
  1. Lack of Support Backup: If things go wrong, PC users won't have access to reliable support. As this feature is usually available only with paid versions. Of course, standby is not always necessary. But then, you never know considering the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape!
  2. Lack of Disinfection Support: It raining zero-day exploits and in the event, any malware sneaks past your PC's defenses, then you'll be in need of a quick malware disinfection. Again, this feature [that is, malware removal service] is available only with the paid antivirus versions.
  3. Lack of Frequent Malware Updates: The virus update cycle of free antivirus might be slow. This means the antivirus package may not get updated with the latest malware signatures quickly enough to safeguard your PC(s) from the evolving malware. This is indeed a huge drawback.
  4. Lesser Scanning Options: Frequent scanning is necessary to keep your PC(s) malware-free. This may not be possible using free antivirus software. Moreover, PC users may not get the flexibility to run antivirus scans (or schedules) as per their requirements.

But Comodo Antivirus Is Not Just Any Other Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus uses a unique Default Deny Approach (Containment) and employs cutting-edge technologies like HIPS, Viruscope (again unique to Comodo) etc., is the best free antivirus software in the IT security market, because of the innovative technologies it employs that offer solid protection for your PC(s).

Both free and paid Comodo Antivirus (known as Comodo Internet Security (CIS)) contain the same basic software components and offer the same level of core protection. In other words, the free version is not weaker than the paid one. But the paid version offers certain additional bonuses which can secure your PC(s) even better! That's the only difference between the two.