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It's raining security threats. Your PC(s) could become the next victim any time. Considering the circumstances, PC protection is quite important. There are many security tools in the market which can help users safeguard their PC(s) – antivirus software being one and probably the oldest among them. Now the question is: is the protection offered by antivirus software still relevant enough in the context of today's ever-changing security threat landscape?

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Antivirus Download Full version

Let's take a look at the answers.

  1. Antivirus Software Not Only Protects Against Viruses: Gone are the days when antivirus software protected your PC(s) against viruses alone. Over the years, they have evolved, and now offer protection against other security threats, as well, such as keyloggers, backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, adware, spyware, etc. Therefore PC users cannot simply neglect them.
  2. PC Users Can Never Be Too Careful: The Internet is a dangerous place. PC users cannot enter it without securing themselves with at least the bare minimum protection (in the form of an antivirus package). Would you ride a motorcycle without a helmet, just because you are sure of your riding skills? No, right. In the same way, you should always ensure your PC has an antivirus installed on it. Because it might come in handy at any time.
  3. Something Is Always Better Than Nothing: Unfortunately, Windows inbuilt security alone is not enough. Security experts and antivirus test results agree on this. Which means even the latest Windows 10 is not secure. So PC users have no other choice but to install antivirus software to protect their machines against various security threats.
  4. Antivirus Acts As The Final Line Of Defense: When all else fails and the modern-day malware seeps through various layers of protection into your PC(s) - yes, this can happen - then antivirus can act as the final line of defense for your PC(s). It is for this reason all anti-malware suits still include antivirus in them.
  5. Your Browser Is Not As Secure As You Think: No matter how safe Google, Microsoft (and the rest) may claim their browsers are, the reality is that all of them have flaws. Which means they are vulnerable until the next update – which again depends on the complexity of the flaw.
    Apart from this, malicious code could be hidden in online ads, videos, social media campaigns etc., masquerading as legitimate applications. Then there are phishing mails as well. Just one click and you'll be infected – unless you've secured your PC(s) using antivirus software.
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