Best PC Protection

Please describe what features make an antivirus the best, compare CIS to other brands (doesn't necessarily have to be specific; you can just compare CIS to other "leading brands," and conclude with the reasons CIS is the best for PC users.) Check the "How to Beat the Competition" section of the battlecard for good input on how the competition works, and why CIS is superior.


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Best PC Protection
Best PC Protection for Your Computer

An antivirus solution is needed to provide the best PC protection for your computer, to protect it from hackers, and various types of malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, adware, bots, and Man-in-the-middle attacks. A typical antivirus solution features an antivirus engine that automatically detects and eliminates the malware. It will also feature instant, on-demand, on-access and scheduled scan capabilities to check for viruses and malicious activity.

Choosing Best PC Protection

There are countless ineffective PC protection solutions and you have to search to  find an effective PC protection solution, which will  offer the Best PC Protection for Your Computer. However, not having a PC Protection solution is not recommended at all. It carries high risk, such as: the malware could affect (crash) the hardware, corrupt the software, steal data/information, eavesdrop on activities and communication, and compromise communication. The resultant effects would be a loss of data, loss of customers/ visitors and business. 

Finding the Best PC Protection for Your Computer

You must know the necessary features of PC protection solutions, and then identify innovative features that make a PC protection solution to be considered as the Best PC Protection. All PC protection solutions profess themselves as the best solution in the market. You must identify the necessary features, outstanding features and the features that would suit your PCs and business/ organization.

Typical Security Features for Best PC Protection

  1. Identification of suspicious filesDetection and immediate quarantining/ removal of malware
  2. Proactive real-time detection
  3. Proactive defense against all types of malware
  4. Real-time protection
  5. Robust virus definitions database with regular updates
  6. Auto-scanning of all downloaded files and applications
  7. Auto-scanning of all accessed files (On-access)
  8. Auto-scanning of files received over the network
  9. Cloud-based scanning for more effective scanning detection and faster response
  10. Provide secure connection to the internet
  11. Must not affect system performance
Why Comodo Internet Security is the Best PC Protection for Your Computer

Comodo Internet Security offers total protection against both internal and external threats by combining a powerful antivirus, an enterprise-class packet filtering firewall, and the HIPS advanced host intrusion prevention system.

The Comodo Free Antivirus features a proactive antivirus engine that automatically detects and quarantines or eliminates malware. It offers instant virus scans, and on-demand, on-access, and scheduled scan capabilities.

Comodo File Classification

Comodo is the only software that classifies files and applications as trusted, unknown and malicious, and ensures that only files that are classified trusted run on the PC. This ensures that PC is always in a known state. Unknown files are automatically run in the Comodo container that combines a virtualization of COM interfaces, Disk, Registry, and Memory. The unknown file is allowed to execute and it believes that it is making changes to the actual system, but in reality, it is making changes only to the virtual system. If the file behavior is found to be harmful it is deleted, or else it is classified as a trusted file and allowed to access the real system.

The Comodo Free Antivirus blocks all unknown files through its default-deny platform, thus blocking zero-day attacks and preventing ransomware, virus and other types of infection. It ensures absolute protection by allowing only trusted files to run in the system. Comodo Internet Security is the ONLY security solution that can successfully thwart zero-day threats to protect your PC. Comodo Internet Security is the Best PC Protection for your Computer.