Best PC Security Software? Is There Really One?

Securing your PC(s) is one of the top  priorities of today. Because if you don't, your PC(s)  can easily fall prey to security threats. This can mean  loss of valuable information, compromise of your digital identity, or  an infected PC which may or may not be recovered. As you can see, your PC security cannot be taken lightly. Especially when we are being bombarded by various kinds of malware attacks every day.

With PC security gaining so much attention, the important question is: how do you secure your PC(s)? Is antivirus software enough? Or do you need a more complete  package? How to choose them? And most  importantly, is there a security software which can be called the 'best PC security software?'

best pc security software

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Now, Coming To The Best PC Security Software....

The cybersecurity threat landscape keeps changing all the time. Therefore, no security software can be termed as 'the best'. Because what works today may not work well tomorrow. But this doesn't mean the security industry is devoid of competent security tools. PC users like you just have to be wise enough to recognize and select the ones which work.

While selecting security software for your PC(s), always look out for the following features, which have the potential to tackle the ever-evolving modern-day malware.

  1. How Do They Defend Your PC(s)?
  2. How Do They Tackle Unknown Malware?
  3. Can They Defend Against Fileless Malware?
  4. Do They Just Detect or Can They Take Action?
  1. How Do They Defend Your PC(s)? The approach antivirus software adopts in defending your PC(s) is quite important. Comodo (both the free antivirus and internet security suite) adopts a unique approach known as Default-Deny Approach. Which means while other antivirus packages and endpoint solutions allow unknown files to open once they are deemed to be non-malicious, Comodo denies such unknown files access to your PC(s) until they are proven to be benign.
  2. How Do They Tackle Unknown Malware? Most of today's malware which successfully hit the target are the ones which haven't been previously detected and therefore cannot be predicted that easily. These are otherwise known as  zero-day malware. The only way to handle such malware is to 'contain' it . That is, run it  in a separate environment without affecting your PC(s). Comodo's security software employs 'Containment Technology' to  easily 'contain' the unknown malware.
  3. Can They Defend Against Fileless Malware? Malware usually makes some changes to your PC - with respect to your system-memory, registry keys or personal data – before they can activate themselves. And most security software usually relies  on such changes to track the malware down. But what if a malware does not leave behind any trace?  For example, in the case of fileless malware. Comodo's security software successfully handles fileless malware as well.
  4. Do They Just Detect or Can They Take Action? Do They Just Detect or Can They Take Action? Detection is quite important for security software. No doubts about that. But it  should also be able to take action (prevent) against security threats. Comodo security software is built upon the foundation of prevention rather than just detection, which is quite necessary in case of handling modern-day malware.

A security software which answers these four questions positively (like Comodo does) is the one which PC users should be using. Because only such a security software will be able to stand the test of time and go the distance – a trait which is extremely essential in order to tackle the modern-day malware.

And if you don't really want to go online and conduct a comprehensive search for such a PC security software, then you can very well trust our Comodo Security Software and use them. It contains all the above-said features (in fact, it owns the Default-Deny Approach) and can secure your PC(s) really well.

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