The best virus protection for android

Keeping your computer safe from viruses and malware has become necessary for everyone. We live in a digital age and no computer is safe from virus threats. Now, since everyone uses internet to browse different websites, it makes sense to have a virus removal tool to keep an eye on different types of viruses. If you want to know about the best virus protection for android, then our suggestion is to go with Comodo. Comodo is an extremely reliable antivirus software, as well as, internet security tool. You can try Comodo for free or directly buy it. The paid version will have little more features than the free one. But being the best virus protection for android, even the free tool comes with impressive features. For instance, the Sandbox tool. Comodo is user-friendly, has nicely designed menus and comes with a gamer mode as well. And its powerful features will keep your Android device protected.

Best Virus Protection for Android

Think about it, you use your Android smartphone, as well as tab regularly to download different apps from the Play Store and surf the internet. You never know if the app you are downloading or the website you have just visited is trustworthy or not. Also, have you ever noticed weird pop-ups appearing in the device? If yes, then never click on those pop-ups. These ads can contain heavy duty viruses. So, keep your Android device safe and get the best virus removal software and browse the internet without any tension.

The reason why Comodo is so famous is because of its slick user interfaces. However, the most interesting thing to note about this company is that it provides free tool for MacOS, as well as Linux too.


The first thing that we really liked about Comodo is its robust security features. Even the free product provides instant virus removal, as well as real-time scanning. You can use it to easily scan all the system files and get rid of malicious cloud-based viruses. Comodo comes with a lot of impressive features. One such feature, which we must talk about is its “application control” feature. Not just this, there is a cloud-based whitelisting application as well, which you can use to quickly identify the sites, which are legitimate and which are not.

Another feature, which really impressed us is its “Auto Sandbox Technology”. The Sandbox tool is the company’s trademark and it runs smoothly without any fuss. By using Sandbox tool, you create a virtual system for yourself, where you get to use your device normally, but without the interference of any viruses.

Even if you are using the free antivirus tool by Comodo, you can still use it to instantly scan your computer and the scanning process will start with just one click. So, if you have an Android device and you worry for its security, then you must consider Comodo antivirus tool.


So, comodo comes with the following awesome features:

  1. Quick Scan: You can use it to quickly scan the most commonly infected files, areas, and memory.
  2. Full Scan: Use it to completely scan your computer. Doing this will help you scan all the files and folders of your computer.
  3. Ratting Scan: Ratting scan is for commonly infected areas, as well as memory stored in the cloud.
  4. Custom Scan: Try the custom scan and schedule it as per your requirements. You can choose to custom scan some files and folders.
  5. Game Mode: Play your game without any issue and install the antivirus software to never see an unwanted popup. Just turn on the “game mode” and you are free from quarantine popup.
  6. Application Control: The application control will allow you to lock down programs, which are not safe and allow you to use the apps, which are safe and secure.

The bundle of features Comodo comes along with is really impressive and is difficult to find in any other free antivirus software.

Ease of Use

If you are considering Comodo as your best antivirus partner, then we hope this will confirm your consideration. Comodo is extremely easy to use and with these many features, your Android device is surely going to remain protected. If you have any doubt or query for Comodo, then go to their online portal to get support. You can also talk to their team through Live Chat option as well. If you buy their software, then you can directly call them on their number too.

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