Best Virus Removal for Android

If you are an Android phone user, then you will know that your phone is not safe from virus and malware. You must know that anything which uses internet should have a virus removal tool. It is known to all that hackers use every possible way to attack Android devices. They develop sophisticated virus induced apps, which gets infused into your system and can corrupt your Android phone as well. Looking at the way people use Android phone, the fear is always there that we might end up downloading some apps, which are not reliable. Hackers are continuously trying to work on Android viruses and get into your device to steal your personal information, corrupt files, as well as, delete other genuine apps as well. Since, there are endless malicious apps available online, you have to make sure that you invest on the best virus removal for Android.

Best Virus Removal for android

If you regularly download apps through third party, then you should probably stop doing it. Third party apps can either be safe or unsafe, and it is hard to tell whether you are downloading a genuine app or a disaster. This is the reason why it is recommended to download apps only from Play Store. Play Store already has a lot of game application and other important software. Not that all third-party apps are malicious, but mostly viruses get downloaded into your Android phone through third party apps. To keep your mobile phone safe and sound, get the best virus removal for Android Comodo. Comodo is the most reliable virus removal antivirus software designed to keep your Android phone away from viruses and different malware.

If you want to keep your Android device safe, then Comodo is the best bet for you. The user-friendly interface lets you start scanning with just one click. With Comodo, you will no longer have to worry about dangerous apps, malicious settings, and viruses. Along with being the best virus removal software, the same tool can help you find your lost phone as well. With Comodo, you will be able to keep your files, videos, phone numbers, and photos always safe. Use the best virus removal tool and keep your phone protected from harmful viruses.

Comodo Security Features

Here are some of the features that Comodo has to offer:


Want to scan your phone, choose from “On-Demand” or “Always on” scanning and keep your Android phone protected from dangerous viruses, threats, malware, and unwanted and unsafe apps. All you got to do is tap once to begin with the full scanning process. Once the scanning process starts, you will get notification if your phone has malicious apps, threats, and viruses.


Comodo is not just any anti-virus app, it is an all-rounded app. If you frequently fear that someone might steal your phone, then try the anti-theft feature. With the anti-theft feature, Comodo can help you find where you phone is and if someone has changed the sim card. This app will enable you to find the exact location of your mobile phone without any hassle. Not just this, the app will make a loud sound along with clicking the photo of the stealer. It will also lock your device for further damage and unauthorized usage. Comodo keeps your phone safe from unauthorized usage by wiping off all the confidential data remotely.

Call and SMS Blocking

Block all the unwanted calls and messages and keep your phone away from disturbances. Create a black and white contact list and choose the contact numbers you would like to response to and those who you would like to avoid.

Software manager

No need to search for different apps scrolling through different pages. With software manager feature, you will be able to see each and every app in one platform. See which apps you have recently installed, which ones have you deleted, and also take a look at the apps that you don’t recognize.

Task Scheduler

Don’t want to overburden yourself with manual virus scanning, then try the task scheduler. Now, schedule the time for antivirus scanning process and let the antivirus software scan your Android phone on its own. Use your mobile phone as it is, and the virus scanner will keep doing its job.

Your Android phone needs a robust antivirus software, which will take care of all the viruses and malware. Go on and download Comodo from its official website only. Install it and start with the scanning process.

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