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Viruses can disturb our computers massively. And once our computer starts acting funny, it makes it challenging for us to work on it. And the worst is, when we need the computer the most, it gives us the most headache. The common reason for malfunctioning programs of a computer is a virus attack. A virus can be downloaded on our system in many ways. You might not even realize, but downloading a file or software from an unknown source could have downloaded malware along with its data, and you didn’t realize that. 

Once the virus gets downloaded you may end up having a computer, which is running extremely slow, you see many pop-ups on your browser’s window, you can hear a weird noise coming out of the hard drive and what not! The signs of a virus-infected computer are many. However, precaution is always better, and that’s why you should get the best virus scanner to make sure that your computer or the laptop is fully-protected. And before a virus attack, the virus removal software tells you about it beforehand. This way, you will always keep your computer safe.

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Now, the best virus scanner will have many properties, out of them, the most essential feature you should look for is the overall internet browsing security. And one such virus removal software, which gives 360-degree protection to your computer is Comodo. Comodo is ideal for both home and business. Users can download it on Windows, Linux, as well as macOS. Comodo is by far the most prominent contender of some of the top antivirus companies. 

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The Features

If you are interested in free antivirus software, then you will be glad to know that even the free antivirus version of Comodo comes with a lot of amazing features. It is a full security package. Comodo gives you firewall protection, ransomware protection, online banking and online shopping protection and even comes with anti-rootkit. Not just this, their most significant feature of all sandbox technology is available with the free version as well.

If you want to do online shopping securely, then Comodo comes with a separate desktop shortcut for people who use internet banking and do a lot of internet shopping. With this application, you will now be using the internet for monetary transaction safely and securely.

Another feature includes a rescue disc. It is basically a bootable disc image, which will let users quickly run a virus scan in a pre-boot surrounding. You can also use this feature to identify swiftly spyware, virus and rootkit and get rid of them with just one click.


In terms of protection, Comodo is unbeatable. It protects your computer against zero-day malware attacks, and this also includes attacks through the web, as well as email. It can easily detect widespread malware. Comodo is a large file, and some users may see that that while downloading, as well as installing Comodo, the data are getting copied to the device quite slowly. But once, it gets installed, it will run smoothly, so don’t worry about that. 


Comodo has an excellent support team. However, for the free version, you can either raise a ticket about your issue or click on the help button to talk to someone live through chat. They are pretty quick in responding, and they respond very fast. But if you would like to speak to some in person, then that option is only available for the paid users. Nevertheless, you will hardly face any issue with Comodo, and even if you are receiving their free version, you will receive an adequate response from the team fast. 

Final words

Comodo antivirus is undoubtedly dependable, and the number of features it has got in the free version makes Comodo a clear winner. Secure shopping and internet banking feature work seamlessly and is highly beneficial for people who use the internet regularly for financial transaction. Comodo also scans the computer from scratch and identifies threats efficiently. This is one antivirus that you can be completely confident about.

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