Signs That Your Windows PC Needs Antivirus

Have you noticed your Windows 7 computer acting up lately? Has it been slower than usual? There are a few signs that will tell you it is time to install a stronger antivirus program. You might want to start looking for the best Windows 7 antivirus once you detect the following things.

Slower Performance

Best Windows 7 Antivirus

There could be many factors that contributed to slowing down your computer, but if the change in speed is so sudden, it could be due to a virus. Do a speed test and use the task manager to check your computer’s processing power. If both speeds are relatively slow, a virus could be wreaking havoc already. But the best Windows 7 antivirus can still do something about this by removing the virus. Some antivirus programs, like Comodo Internet Security, can even run unknown executable files in a virtual container to prevent access and harm to your computer using their Auto Sandbox technology.

Sudden Crashes and Freezes

Once viruses infect your computer, your hard drive becomes one of the first casualties. The damage to the hard drive can cause your unit to freeze or shut down even if you did not do anything. You can trust that the best Windows 7 antivirus will stop such disruptive occurrences from happening again. Aside from its antivirus protection, other features include anti-spyware, bot protection, anti-rootkit, Defense+ anti-malware protection, and memory firewall.

Lots of Pop-up Ads

Websites usually display online advertisements as a way of monetizing their content, so it’s no surprise if you see ads while browsing the Internet. But it is an entirely different story if they suddenly pop up even if you are not actively browsing. Avoid these ads at all costs. Don’t click on them no matter how convincing they may seem. Once you have antivirus software such as Comodo Internet Security, it will block the pop-up ads, especially after running it against its 85 million endpoints that classify good files from bad ones.

Unexpected PC Behavior

If your computer starts doing things that you did not command it to do, such as opening files, clicking on programs, scrolling up when you try to scroll down, or pressing on keys that you did not choose, it is likely infected. If you use the best Windows 7 antivirus, you’ll probably detect a virus.

Error Messages

Even before you run the best Windows 7 antivirus, your computer would know that something is wrong with it. Error messages will tell you about missing particular applications or system files. You may be able to find a temporary remedy by searching online for potential solutions to the error messages, but running the best Windows 7 antivirus still has the most significant chance of clearing out these errors.

Hijacked Emails

Aside from infecting your computer, viruses also aim to infect other devices, so it tries to send itself to other computer users through your email. If your friends or email contacts start receiving email messages from you that you did not send, it’s the virus at work. Change your passwords and install the best Windows 7 antivirus immediately to scan, detect, and remove the virus.

Missing or New Files

Always monitor your hard drive space. If you notice files suddenly getting deleted or extra files being added to your hard drive, it could be the work of a computer virus. Some viruses may also move your data around or encrypt them so you can’t open them. These are good enough reasons to install the best Windows 7 antivirus and run it.

Quickly Drained Battery

If you failed to install and run the best Windows 7 antivirus, the virus would have accomplished its goal of multiplying and causing damage to your computer. The more viruses your laptop has, the more resources they end up using, draining your battery life.

Accessory or Hardware Issues

Surprised about your computer display’s colors or pixels mixing up? One reasonable explanation for this issue is a computer virus infection. The virus may not even stop with your PC. It may also affect the printer connected to it.


If you spot any of these signs, you can still try and save your computer by installing and running the best Windows 7 antivirus software. Make sure to set the program to automatically scan your PC regularly and download the latest version to fight the latest threats. It also helps to be proactive against viruses by not clicking on attachments or links from unfamiliar senders or pop-up ads.

For a comprehensive yet affordable security software, choose Comodo Internet Security. Using cutting-edge technology, we provide robust protection to your critical files by eliminating malicious activities in your computer.


The best way to fight malwares is by installing the top antivirus for PC. It fixes, quarantines, and eliminates the viruses to prevent them from duplicating and spreading. For a top-notch PC protection, choose Comodo Internet Security. For only $29.99, you can enjoy different premium antivirus features.

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