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You know that your computer contains a lot of information, it has thousands of files, and many important applications as well, and no one in their wildest dream would want to lose them. That’s just too much! So, rather than waiting for the viruses to get inside the computer, don’t you think it is smart to check computer for virus? Well, one solid answer for scanning your computer for viruses is getting a good and reliable antivirus software that will detect the viruses and malware for you, so that you will be able to take decisive steps. We do trust that you must have created backups for your files, because once the virus removal tool identifies that it has found out some viruses, it will ask your permission to delete those files. And deleting them mean losing them finally.

Check your computer for virus

Now, the real question lies in, which software to use to scan for these problematic viruses and malware! We know that there are dozens of free antivirus software out there, but if you already have one, and still reading this, then it clearly means that the antivirus software you have installed in your computer is not doing its business properly.

So, let’s clear the air and reveal the best way to check computer for virus. The one that we would want you to at least give it a try is Comodo virus removal software. The antiviruses that are already there in the market can surely battle with threats, however, they fail when it comes to new security threats, mostly because they are outdated. But, Comodo on the other hand has a different approach. The agenda of Comodo is slightly different than the rest, it is based on the concept of prevention, which means more than detection, Comodo prevents your computer from facing any kinds of threats.

Once scan with Comodo will tell you about the most potentially dangerous, as well as, unknown files that are hiding inside your computer without your knowledge. It can effortlessly scan the entire PC for you and alert you about the most harmful resources that are lurking in your computer.

Here are a few highlights of Comodo antivirus:

  • The cloud-cased scanning process make sure that your computer is protected from the latest threats
  • Come with intelligent sandbox tool to automatically detect and fight against suspicious and unknown files
  • Comodo comes along with an extremely easy-to-use interface for better usability
  • It isolates all kinds of suspicious files, so that you get to use your computer with a free of min
  • It comes with regular updates to protect your PC from latest threats and malware

You can try Comodo for free for a few days, and once you are absolutely sure about it, you can then go ahead and buy it from their official website. This antivirus software lets you go through real-time scanning so that you get to know if there are any malicious threats hiding beneath any of your files. Do remember to create backup though, because once you start scanning and you find out that some of the files are corrupt, you will have to delete them.

Allow Comodo to get installed and update it so that your computer remains protected from latest threats, then launch it for full scan and see which drive or files are infected with viruses already. Then decide what to do with them. The trademark of this software, which is the Auto Sandbox technology is available with the free version as well, and there is only a few free antivirus software out there, which provides you with an Auto Sandbox tool, like Comodo does. When you work on your computer using the sandbox tool, it creates a cover for your PC, where it doesn’t allow any threats, malware, or viruses to enter your PC and infect it.

The features that Comodo offers to its users are hard to find even in paid versions, and the truth is Comodo is genuinely one of the best antivirus software out there in the market. It gives you sandbox tool even in the free software, it helps you keep all your personal and financial information safe, lets you do online shopping easily and not to forget, it can fight against viruses and malware easily.

Comodo is not difficult to use at all and this is where it stands apart from the rest. Just in case if you need any assistance or you run into some kind of trouble while operating this antivirus tool, their live chat option is always there.

Stay away from third party tools, practice good browsing habits, and never click on any suspicious links.

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