Compare Antivirus Software: Buyer Beware

When you purchase a product, and if you are a savvy purchaser, you will compare the product at least from a couple of different vendors. And when you want to purchase antivirus software, you must definitely follow the same process. You must Compare Antivirus Software. Ensuring the security of your systems is very important. Investing in an incapable antivirus solution could have severe consequences – monetary losses, loss of reputation, data loss, loss of sensitive information, and lawsuits.

There are plenty of antivirus softwares available, some paid and some free. Some free Antivirus softwares are effective and much better than their paid counterparts. Hence, if you are not careful, you may end up spending on a solution that does not serve any purpose.


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Compare Antivirus Software

The Essential Features of an Antivirus Software

Before you compare antivirus software you must know the features that are necessary, those that are optional, and those that are a bonus. The Antivirus Software must be able to:

  • Identify malware
  • Immediately quarantine or remove the malware
  • Identify suspicious files and automatically block their activity
  • Provide proactive defense against any type of malware
  • Scan all downloaded files automatically
  • Utilize a cloud-based scanning service for better efficiency
  • Maintain updated virus definitions
  • It must be easy to use
  • Provide real-time protection
  • Ensure a secure connection to the internet
  • Must not affect system performance

Difference Between Traditional And Modern Antivirus Solutions

Traditional antivirus solutions detect and block malware based on virus definitions. These solutions maintain a massive database of definitions of viruses detected till that date. The larger the database, the more effective it is. This massive database, called "blacklisting," is often shared among cybersecurity vendors as part of a cooperative effort. This method serves to block "known malware."

However, there are thousands of new malware released every day. These will not get detected by the antivirus engine as malware and hence will enter the systems to create the havoc they are intended to.

Choose a solution that stops Zero-day malware

This is what you need. And you will not find many FREE antivirus solutions that stop zero-day malware. You will NOT find many  PAID antivirus solutions that stop zero-day malware either.

Some antivirus companies have been accused of releasing viruses and then offering solutions to fix them. Only the creator of the virus would be having the cure, and would charge plenty for the fix!

Comodo Antivirus includes a Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) that provides protection beyond the traditional blacklisting of malware programs.


Comodo's technology isolates all unknown files that could be potentially hazardous and makes them run within auto-containment. This unique technology allows the user to continue working uninterrupted. The behavior of the potential threats is  monitored and based on the verdict they are either deleted (if they are malware) or allowed access to the system (if they are harmless). The container is a virtualization of COM interfaces, Disk, Registry, and Memory, and the file (program), if it is malware, will display suspicious activities. It is allowed to make changes, but it is only to the virtual environment and not to the actual system.

Only Comodo Stops Zero-Day Malware

It was a wise decision to compare antivirus software, and now you would know that Comodo antivirus is the best Free Antivirus. Through its default-deny technology to thwart zero-day attacks Comodo ensures absolute protection of your system, a security that no other antivirus provides.