Important features to look into before you download virus protection

Shielding your Windows PC, Mac or Android devices from malware is essential. For this, you need to download virus protection. However, multiple companies claim to offer an edge in terms of protection against viruses and malware. But the question is what kind of antivirus software you should get? And what features to look into before downloading.

Here in this article, we will focus on some important factors to consider before you download virus protection for your device.

Download Virus Protection

Scanning and Detection Methods

A key feature of some of the best antivirus software is real-time scanning and on-demand discovery. The real-time scanning runs continuously in the background and checks every file accessed via your device. This is something that saves your device from having its hard drive erased or personal data revealed to prying eyes. Antivirus scans and alerts you when threats have been found. On the other hand, on-demand detection runs periodically through every single file on your device to check malware.

Download Protection

Another thing to look into before you download virus protection is the download protection. This is because external files contain various types of dangerous elements. This includes files you receive via an email or download from the internet. So, you may want to choose an antivirus software program that offers file download scanning.

Look into the speed

Pay attention to how fast the antivirus program can scan your device. Any program that offers a quick scan or speedy scan is a good one to download. However, this is convenient for anyone who does not spend much time on their device. While they may not be as thorough as a full scan, quick scans can give you some peace of mind.


One of the most important things to look into when you download antivirus software is compatibility. While this may seem like commonsense, it can be easily overlooked if you are downloading for the first time. Windows users have to pay special attention to the exact operating system as there are various versions of antivirus programs out there. So, it is crucial to look for the right version that will work on your system. Otherwise, you risk wasting money on something that cannot properly scan and protect your device.

Effect on the speed of your device

Many antivirus software runs continuously in the background, consuming CPU resources and taking up processing speed which slows down the entire device. This can be a problem if you run heavy games or other types of software that need more of the CPU’s resources. You can always use the trial version of the antivirus software to check that the requirements of the program do not conflict with the requirement of your device.

Privacy Policy

We live in a time where personal information is under great threat than ever before, thanks to the internet. Some of the biggest manufacturers of antivirus and computer security programs may sell your personal information and data. Make sure the company’s antivirus software you are about to download and use has not been caught in such a scandal. In addition to this, read the privacy policies of the companies you are considering. Know to the full extent to which the software will have access to your personal information and how it will be using that information. Ask the company directly if you have questions about how your data is shared.

Ease of Virus Removal

Last but not least, you need to look into what method the software uses to remove malware from your device. Some important things to look in this regard are an up-to-date registry of the latest worms, Trojans, Spyware, and Rootkits that pose a threat, a full-proof method of virus removal, and removing the virus should not adversely affect your files. The virus should not be allowed to spread across different devices, suspicious files should be immediately put in isolation until they can be properly examined, and suspicious sources of data should be automatically blocked.

Remember that certain types of viruses affect only files, while others can affect the entire system. In the case of the latter, your antivirus should have the special tools required to clean up the system and restore it to its original functionality.

Looking for the best antivirus software need not be a confusing or stressful process. Take your time to research your options and consider the security factors. Read up the reviews to get a better idea and then only download virus protection.

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