Free Antivirus Download - Do PC Users Really Need Them?

The sophisticated techniques employed by the hacking community these days can make PC users easily question the usefulness of the antivirus software. They cannot be blamed really for thinking along these lines because the modern-day malware can easily bypass the most stringent of high level security and therefore it wouldn’t be that tough for them to crack open an antivirus package.

But this doesn’t mean antivirus packages are a waste of time. Because they can serve as the final line of defense for your PC(s) when everything else fails. True, chances are they might fail as well (just like the others). But chances are they may well end up preventing the intrusion successfully. Therefore, it’s a chance worth taking. Mainly because most of the antivirus packages (basic versions) are available for free in the market.

Free Antivirus Download

What Antivirus Software Can Protect Your PC(s) Against

Antivirus software not only protect your PC(s) against viruses alone but a host of other security threats as well. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Botnets
  2. Worms
  3. Trojan Horses
  4. Spyware
  5. Messaging Related Threats
  6. And Much More
  • Botnets – antivirus software can alert you when cybercriminals attempt to remotely take over your PC(s) to be used as a source for spamming and other such cybercrimes, and thus help you take appropriate action.
  • Worms – worms, which are known to spread across computers once they infiltrate a network, delivering payloads of malware, can also be successfully prevented using antivirus software.
  • Trojan Horses – you can also detect ‘Trojan Horse’ files with the help of antivirus software.
  • Spyware – spyware which are designed to collect data from PC(s) can also be easily detected.
  • Messaging Related Threats – antivirus software also warn PC users against messaging related threats like dangerous attachments, fraudulent links, etc.
  • And Much Moreantiviruses protect PC users not only against threats arising from the internet. But other threats, like for example, viruses spread via portable storage drives and other internal security threats as well.

Free Anti-virus Download – From Comodo

Comodo Free Antivirus comes equipped with a host of impressive security features that make it a highly competitive tool in the market. It incorporates sophisticated technology like HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System), Firewall, Secure Shopping and others, and thus tackles modern-day malware efficiently.

Some Features:
  • Default-Deny Protection (developed by Comodo) - offers comprehensive protection against various malware (both existing and new).
  • Protection against File-Less Malware – the only security software which can protect PC users against file-less malware efficiently.
  • Offers Protection Against Zero-Day Malware – by running unknown applications separately (in a container) without affecting your PC(s).

Download Comodo Free Antivirus Now! Available for Free!

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