Free Anti Virus - How To Choose The Best Virus Protection Software

Every eCommerce merchant or online retailer or organization needs to protect its IT infrastructure from attacks by hackers and the numerous types of different malware. There is a huge variety of malware out there, such as - viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, bots, ransomware, bugs, rootkits, scareware, and keyloggers. Now, as a user, you must choose an appropriate antivirus solution to ensure the protection of your organization. And you have the option of utilizing a good free antivirus to protect your organization. There are hordes and hordes of free antivirus solutions and you can choose any one among them. (Well, if choosing was just so easy!)

You can also choose between paid antivirus solutions and free antivirus solutions. However, a fact to remember is that numerous free antivirus solutions are much better than their paid counterparts. Some paid antivirus solutions are pretty expensive too. Choosing among the free antivirus solutions is not an easy task as (1) they are just too many in number and (2) there are many essential features that an antivirus solution must have. Some solutions have them, and some don't.

Free Antivirus

The Essential Features of a Good Free Antivirus

  1. Ability to identify suspicious files/ malware
  2. Ability to instantly remove malware
  3. Provide proactive defense against all kinds of malware
  4. Identify suspicious files
  5. Automatically scan downloaded files
  6. Easy to use
  7. Provide real-time protection
  8. Provide optimum system performance
  9. Provide quick, instant cloud-based scanning
  10. Maintain up-to-date virus definitions
  11. Ensure secure connection while connected to the internet
  12. Cloud-based scanning for better efficiency

These are the features required of any Free AntiVirus solution. Now, to understand the different vectors of attack. There are three types of files that have to be handled by your IT system, or have to be handled by your free antivirus system. They are known bad files, known good files and the unknown files. Most free antivirus solutions successfully block known bad files, based on the potential of their virus database. Some antivirus solutions do maintain a whiltelist of good files, and this helps in optimizing file verification time. The unknown files are the worst of the lot and could contain dangerous zero-day exploits.

The Comodo Free Antivirus solution is a truly free antivirus solution that blocks all unknown files to protect your systems. It features a default-deny posture that automatically blocks the unknown files and sends them into containment. In a complex virtual environment, the malware will carry out its activities and perform its malicious activities unsuspectingly, believing that it is interacting with the actual system. This complete process is virtual, with no effect whatsoever to the actual system. The behavior will be observed and analyzed for malicious activity. A quick verdict is obtained from the cloud and only if the file's behavior is harmless is it allowed to interact with the actual system.

Comodo Internet Security Suite

The Comodo Free AntiVirus is a part of the Comodo Internet Security Suite that combines the Comodo Free Antivirus, firewall, and other security solutions to provide complete security against cyber threats.