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A business hit by a cyber-attack without any data protection in place is a nightmare that no business owner wants to happen. Just imagine a large amount of data being stolen and wiped out in a matter of minutes, without any measures to compensate or mitigate it. This is why individuals and business owners should put a strong hedge that is data protection around the data that they’re managing.

Data protection is the process of protecting valuable information from breach, loss, compromise, and corruption. Whether you operate a small or big business, implementing a data protection policy has never been this important. As your business expands, so does the information that it processes and possesses.

With the presence of digital threats that target not only the individuals but also businesses, data protection is now clearly a necessity rather than an add-on. Today is the right time to implement data protection for your business to avoid future attacks that can be too costly and damaging.

You may start by installing free antivirus and malware protection software as one of your first line of defense. But you should not stop there, you need more sophisticated protection to ensure that your data is truly safe from attacks. Here are more reasons why data protection must be implemented for your business (and why you should do it now, rather than later).

Importance of Data Protection with Antivirus for Safer Business

Data backup and faster data recovery

In case of attacks, a number of data protection techniques like the ones below can help victims spring back as quickly as possible and mitigate the cyber attack’s impacts on their daily operations.

  • Mirroring - it can be used to create a perfect replica of a website or file to make them conveniently available in multiple places.
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a system that automatically backs up data on a computer system every time a change is implemented.
  • Storage Snapshots - it automatically set pointers to the information stored on disk or tape. As a result, data recovery is much more faster.

Data portability

Data portability allows data to move on various application programs, cloud services, and computing environments. This security measure is very convenient because loads of sensitive information can easily be transported in different places. One can easily pack it up and carry away when unexpected attacks occur. Portability reduces the data’s vulnerability from unexpected breaches or other cyber-attacks.

Prevent data leakage

You never know, someone might be waiting at your IT infrastructure’s network connection or endpoint devices to execute data leakages. Data leakage is the unauthorized transmission of data from an organization to an external destination. With multiple places where data leak can occur, it is important to implement a strict security measure to prevent these holes from being used to extract sensitive files from a business.

To plug this leakage, it is recommended to use free antivirus and malware protection such as Comodo Internet. It protects users from having their credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other equally sensitive information compromised. It also provides protection for web, mail, printers, and removable devices that also serves as vehicles for sensitive data. Individuals and business owners should not underestimate the consequences of data leakages because even a small data breach can possibly lead to extensive damages.

Increased productivity

Loss of critical information may reduce overall productivity since employees have to handle time-consuming issues without the help of computer databases. Aside from this, data loss may also cause application failures, making it hard for employees to finish their tasks. A poor data protection strategy may leave people waiting for extended periods while systems are being restored after a failure. During that idle time, employees may be working less than expected, further diminishing their productivity levels. Having data protection policies can increase your organization’s productivity.

Prevents Financial Loss

Data protection can save your company from losing money. As data is known to be an essential corporate asset that needs to be kept secured, protecting it is imperative to your business. Data compromise may lead to sales loss, fines, or monetary judgments. It may also cause indirect effects to your company such as a drop in investor confidence or losing your customers to competitors. Having data protection magnifies positive results.

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