Tips When Choosing What Free Antivirus to Download for Windows

When it comes to choosing the best antivirus for Windows, it can get quite confusing because of all the options available in the market. This guide aims to help you pick not only the best but the most beneficial free antivirus download for Windows.

Knowing that you have an effective free antivirus download for Windows can give you peace of mind that while using your computer and browsing the Internet without getting cyber attacked.

But what should you look for in your antivirus solution for Windows? You would know that it is an excellent free antivirus download for Windows if they have some of these critical features.

Important Features of Antivirus Software

  • Virus Scanner
  • Database of Known Bad Files
  • Anti-malware
  • Automatic Updates
  • Price
  • Other Features

Virus Scanner

You can feel confident opening websites, emails, and other files if you know that your free antivirus download for Windows is reactively scanning files and programs before opening them. These are all happening in the background with the files only opening after they are confirmed to be safe files. A valuable antivirus program should also be able to do a full system scan, where every corner of your device is checked for hidden viruses or malware.

The best free antivirus download for Windows does not hog your device’s resources while still delivering effective antivirus detection and removal. Otherwise, it can drain most of your resources and you won’t be able to operate as efficiently as you wish. A good antivirus solution knows how to balance its effective virus detection and removal features with its ability to use as minimal computer resources as possible.

Database of Known Bad Files

To complement its scanning ability, the free antivirus download for Windows should also have a vast database of known viruses and malware. This helps deliver an accurate verdict that will keep your computer or device safe. It would be easier for the antivirus program to find what it should block or avoid from opening if the database is kept up-to-date about the latest malware.


Don’t stop with detecting and blocking malware. You’d know that you have found the perfect free antivirus download for Windows if it can remove malware. This will prevent further infection and stop the malicious file from spreading itself to other devices through your own computer.

Automatic Updates

The more frequent the software updates are for the free antivirus download for Windows, the more secure your device will be. At least you won’t have to keep wondering whether your cybersecurity is weakening or not. An updated free antivirus download for Windows can protect you every time you go online because it lowers the risk that malicious hackers can find weaknesses in your system. If it has the latest patches, your vulnerabilities have likely been taken care of.


Different versions of security suites are available at different prices. Some antivirus software are free, while others cost hundreds of dollars. Choose a package that fits your budget without compromising your computer security.

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Other Features

It helps a lot if the free antivirus download for Windows comes with a firewall. This feature allows the antivirus solution to filter and scan everything that comes from the Internet, blocking bad files or programs from even reaching your computer.

Ransomware protection is yet another important feature of your free antivirus download for Windows solution. Considering how many ransomware attacks have been orchestrated against big and small businesses and even individuals, this is a must-have feature.

Among the best free antivirus programs you can find for Windows 7, 8, and 10, both 32- and 64-bit versions, is Comodo Internet Security. Aside from being hailed as one of the Top Products in the AV-Test in February 2018, Comodo also scored the highest when it comes to usability and protection.

Comodo’s features include antivirus scanning, anti-spyware detection, bot protection, anti-malware, memory firewall, Auto Sandbox Technology, VirusScope behavior analyzer and human analysts for additional virus detection, and cloud-based antivirus scanning. Other features that strengthened Comodo’s position as an award-winning antivirus solution are a virus-free warranty, safe online shopping and banking, unlimited live expert virus removal, host intrusion prevention, embedded code detection, jailing protection, and command-line analysis.

If you are looking for antivirus software but want to see how it works first, try Comodo for free! It is ready to deliver reliable security solutions that can safeguard your network and data against malicious programs and online threats. It scans, detects, and removes each infection found on your computer so you can rest assured that your system remains clean. You can never go wrong with Comodo Internet Security.

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