Free Computer Security Software of 2020

Over the years, our computers have become an extension of everything we do – from banking to shopping and socializing to communicating with others through mail or chat. Not to forget the all-important job hunting as well. As you can see, our online lives (along with our PC(s) and other devices) have become too important to us that we can no longer afford to let them  exist without providing it some form of protection. Protection against expected dangers like malware (especially ransomware) and other such security threats.

So here are some simple security measures PC users like you can take to safeguard your PC(s) against the hacking community, who are always on the lookout for some easy money online.

Free Computer Security
  • Update OS and Other Apps Regularly: Most security threats exploit existing software vulnerabilities. And software vendors, when they discover such vulnerabilities, correct or rectify them by releasing what are known as ‘software patches’. These software or security patches appear ‘in the form of updates’ on your computers and apps. Never ignore them – because it’s important to regularly update your OS and apps without fail and whenever they are made available.
  • Practice Smart Surfing and Emailing: Internet is the gateway through which malware and other security threats enter your PC. Therefore, don’t be the gullible internet user who clicks everything on the web and in your mails. Exercise caution while online. Although this may seem like outdated advice, it is something which is relevant even today.
  • Don’t Link Accounts: It is often convenient to use your existing Google or Facebook or Twitter credentials for registering yourself for various other services online. Convenient yes, but very unwise. Because you’ll be leaving a trail of your online personality behind unnecessarily. All for what? Just because you can’t spend a couple of minutes to create a unique username and password?
  • Reveal Only What Is Needed Online: Online socializing has become an inevitable part of our lives. Its benefits are indeed compelling but one shouldn’t forget the dangers posed by it as well Therefore reveal only what is needed and never overdo it.
  • Use Security Software: This is the most important measure of all. One which you simply cannot avoid. Install security software like antivirus (there are many AVs like our very own Comodo Antivirus) which offer your PC(s) much-needed protection. You also have the option of purchasing internet security suites (like our very own Comodo Internet Security (CIS)) that offer a higher level of protection, which is quite necessary to protect your PC(s) against the ever-evolving modern-day malware.

Best computer security, like with other forms of security, lies in prevention, detection and taking action, rather than searching for the cure after the security threat has struck your PC. Therefore, use security software (be it paid ones depending on your requirements) and while choosing them, choose wisely.

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