Get rid of computer virus

The first thing that everyone does right after purchasing a laptop or a computer is to get a good virus removal software because no one want their computer to get infected by any kinds of viruses and malware. But, getting rid of computer viruses become tough when you don’t find the right antivirus software. This is the reason why; we are going to talk about the best antivirus program today which will let you scan your computer for all types of viruses and malware efficiently. Now before we even begin talking about how to get rid of computer viruses, let us first try to know whether your computer is in fact infected with viruses or not.

Get rid on computer virus

Here’s how you can check:

  1. If your computer is running extremely slow and you are not able to use it, then yes, your computer might have been infected.
  2. You see pop-up ads and messages all the time, whenever you try to open a browser and check a website.
  3. You are automatically taken to some weird websites without even needing to see it.
  4. Radom computer applications are starting off on their own and many of them are unknown to you.
  5. Your hard drive is constantly making some sounds and it is getting quite annoying.

If you any of the symptoms that we have shared above sounds familiar, then it is time to get a powerful antivirus system because your previous antivirus tool has failed you. Isn’t that the reason why you are reading this article? Well, jokes apart, the one virus removal tool that we will like you to consider is Comodo antivirus software.

Comodo is an extremely powerful antivirus software that you can have for free and if you like using it and would want to try out the features, then you can go ahead and simply purchase it. It gives you a 360-degree protection from unknown threats, viruses, and malware. It is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. We think, this antivirus tool is by far the best in the industry.

Here are some of the features that will answer your why Comodo is the best question:

Comodo antivirus tool is available in both free and paid version. Even in free version, Comodo comes along with many interesting features. It is a complete security package that your computer needs. It gives you firewall protection, lets you do online banking and shopping without having the fear of losing your confidential information, ransomware protection, and then it also comes along with anti-rootkit. Other than all this, one feature, which truly outshines it as the best is its auto sandbox tool, which you can get even in the free version.

Comodo gives you a separate desktop shortcut, if you are someone who loves to do online shopping. This feature can also be used by people who always use internet banking to do transaction. This feature allows you to do financial transaction without any worry and finally you get to have your peace of mind.

The rescue disk feature that you will see on the application is a bootable disc image, which means you can start with the scanning process of your computer with a pre-boot surrounding. This tool will let you identify viruses, spyware, rootkit, and more and everything with just one click.

Now, let’s get to know about the protection it will provide. Do you know that Comodo provides zero-day malware attack? Within the zero-day attack feature, your computer will remain secure from all types of attacks, which might happen through emails or the web. Comodo can detect widespread malware without any issue.

Comodo is pretty large in size and some may feel that it takes a long time to download, but all you got to have is some patience because after all it is about your computer’s safety. After the software gets installed, you can run it easily and start scanning your computer to identify the threats and keep it safe.

What we will advice you to do is, while beginning the search process, especially the full scanning, try doing that in the Safe Mode. You can so this any pressing F8 when your computer switches on. Here, your computer is absolutely safe from all kinds of distractions. Let Comodo scan your computer thoroughly and give you all the updates regarding any threats found.

Regarding support, don’t worry, you are in the safe hands. Comodo has an excellent support team and they are prompt in replying to your queries too. Comodo is a clear winner and you should try it out by visiting their official website.

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