How to remove Android virus?

Virus for Android are not common, but even Android devices are not free from them. Apart from the sluggish and abysmal performance of an Android device, one of the most common Android problems which users have faced is redirection of a regular web page to a gambling or porn site. If not, then the sudden pop-ups. If you see these problems occurring again and again, then the best thing to do for virus removal is clear your browser cache. You can do it by clicking on the browser’s setting, else go to Apps & Notification on your Android device > click Chrome > storage > finally the clear cache.

This should resolve the problems that you are facing while trying to open a website, and this is the answer for those wondering about how to remove Android virus?

How to know if my phone has a virus?

Before even searching for an answer for how to remove Android virus, you must first know whether your phone is under virus attack or not. Probably there is some software problem. However, there are a few signs which will tell you that it is time to learn the steps for virus removal.

Data usage has increased

You are not downloading anything, neither you are using any massive traffic website on your smartphone, even then if you notice a sudden spike of data usage, then this could be a sign. When a virus runs in the background, it tries to duplicate itself by affecting all the other files, thus increasing the data usage.

Your apps are crashing uncontrollably

Have you seen a few apps crashing automatically? It works fine for some time and suddenly crashes on its own? If so, then a virus might have attacked those apps.

You see a lot of Adware pop-ups

Adware pop-ups are annoying, and we often click on them unintentionally. They appear very quickly. If we do, then Adware pop-ups increase to appear on the screen. Sometimes, when the phone gets infected by a virus, it does start showing pop-ups as well.

You are receiving abnormal phone bills

Some malware is extremely notorious and can affect your SIM card as well by sending premium-rate SMSs. This, in return, makes you pay higher bills. If you are facing higher phone bills issue, then talk to your operator and get to know if your phone is sending such messages. Ztorg Trojans did this last year.

Faster battery drains and overheating

Another sign of a virus attack could be either the phone is overheating or draining the battery faster. However, this could be because of other reasons too, but it makes sense to go for virus removal, to be sure.

How can I remove the virus from my Android phone?

The best way to get rid of Android phone viruses is by downloading Comodo antivirus software. Use it and scan your phone for viruses and malware.

Comodo software is extremely user-friendly. You can schedule your timetables to scan your phone automatically as per your preferences. This way, Comodo will keep working on your phone automatically and scan your phone, notify you in case of any threat so that you can get rid of it effectively.

Comodo protects your mobile phone, 24x7. Through real-time scanning, you are always sure that Comodo is protecting your phone from virus and malware. Don’t let the virus corrupt your data.

  • Download Comodo on your smartphone.
  • Click on scan to start scanning your mobile phone from scratch.
  • Don’t use your phone while the scanner scans your mobile phone. Let it complete the scanning first and look for malicious software and apps.
  • Once any threat is found, the scanner will notify you about it.
  • Click on resolve once it asks you to.
  • Go on and uninstall the malicious app.

Other things that you can do is by clicking on manage apps tab. Click on download tab to search for apps which are unfamiliar to you. The virus often hides in your phone as unknown apps. Do a manual search too. Maybe there is an app which seems fishy, but you still downloaded it, and finally, it is giving you a hard time. You need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

If the phone continues to give you a hard time after scanning and manual app uninstallation process, then the final step for virus removal is resetting your phone.

Stay away from apps which has terrible reviews and looks suspicious.

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