How to remove a computer virus?

Knowing that your computer might be under the threat of a virus or malware is indeed worrisome. However, if you know how to tackle virus removal, then there is nothing to panic. Virus removal is not difficult. All you got to do is take decisive action, and you should be able to get rid of virus threats from your computer effectively and quickly.

There are a few things which you must consider before you start searching for how to remove a computer virus on the internet. These things are nothing but the signs to know whether or not your computer is under threat.

Free Virus Removal
  • Is your computer running extremely slow after downloading an app or a file?
  • Do you see a lot of pop up messages on your computer screen?
  • Are you not able to remove these pop-ups even after installing an adblocker?
  • Do you see any computer programs which you haven’t downloaded?
  • Does your computer make some weird noises while operating?

If any of the signs are correct, then probably it is the right time to find a solution for how to remove a computer virus. The best protective measure to take is to have an antivirus software which is reliable and will keep your PC protected. One such trustable software is Comodo.

A computer virus is of two kinds, one that gets into action right away and the second one who sits silently and gets triggered at the least expected moment and spreads the virus all across.

Now, since we are talking about computer virus and virus removal, let’s get to know the easy steps which will help us get rid of the virus.

Computer Virus Removal Steps

Step 1: The Safe mode option

If you detect that your computer is under a virus attack, then the first thing you need to do is turn your computer off and turn it on again. Once you see your screen operating, click on F8 on the keyboard. This should open the Advanced Boot Options menu. From the list, you need to select the safe mode option.

Note: Don’t use the internet!

Step 2: Deleting all the temporary and junk files

Now, you will be using your computer in a safe mode. Start deleting all the junk files and temporary files. Disc Clean-up tool will let you do that.

Step 3: Use a virus scanner while the computer is in the safe mode

For the third step, use Comodo complete antivirus. Comodo will run its scan to identify any hidden virus and will inform you once it detects something. Let it run in the back and for a complete 360-degree scanning, use its on-demand feature to scan everything manually. The best way to use any antivirus scanner is by going for the on-demand feature first, let it complete the entire computer, once you do identify the viruses, try the real-time scanner as well, just to be sure.

Once you identify viruses in your computer, then you have to remove them from your computer manually. Do it on your own, only if you know the methods, otherwise, speak to the antivirus manufacture company to guide you. Otherwise, you can always call an expert to your location to remove the viruses manually.

What to do once the scanning is complete?

After you are done with the scanning process, you might lose a few files, which were infected. This is what happens when the virus infects your data; the scanning software will notify you about it and delete it so that it doesn’t affect any other files. Since, you may lose a few data, use backup, which we trust that you must have kept the backup files for everything that is in your computer. Reinstall the files that you have lost and skip the ones that are unnecessary.

Make sure that you run a real-time scanner all the time whenever you use the computer and make it a habit to run on-demand scanning at least once a month to stay safe.

Can I protect my computer from virus and malware?

The easiest way to keep your computer safe is to download Comodo antivirus software. You should never click on any unknown links, don’t use website pages, which raise concern, and avoid the pop-ups that appear on your computer screen.

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