How do I get rid of viruses on my phone?

You have finally purchased the latest iPhone, and you are wondering if iPhones can get infected by viruses? Well, the answer is yes, but fortunately, there are virus removal ways, which you can try to get rid of the malware or virus. So, if you are wondering about how do I get rid of viruses on my phone, then get ready because we are going to tell you how.

iPhones are not easy to get infected, rather than a virus, you will actually see a triggering behavior of your iPhone which will convince you that the phone is heavily infected and you need to download an app to remove the virus. Once you are satisfied, you will follow the link which will take you to a doggy website and ask you to download the app, which is not there on the App Store.

This is the most common reason why iPhones get infected. If you are sure that your iPhone or iPad is already under attack, then follow this guide, which is the answer for your how do I get rid of viruses on my phone question.

Remove virus from phone

Before understanding the steps for virus removal, it is essential to understand what might have caused that virus to attack an iPhone. Think, have you jailbroken and download a third-party software? Have you downloaded a software an unknown source? If you have answered yes for both of these answers, then your phone is probably under threat, and you should take action to remove and uninstall such apps.

Also, have you noticed that your phone starts working abnormally when you open that third-party app? Does that app redirect you to questionable sites? You may be able to identify the root cause of this problem by using Comodo antivirus software. This will scan your iPhone, protect it from malware and will notify you when you try to click on a third-party app.

Now, let’s get back to the solution for how do I get rid of viruses on my phone issue.

Clear all the website data and history

The first thing that you need to do is go to the setting tab on your phone. Click on Safari browser, and clear browsing history and every piece of website data. You will have to tap on clear history for your phone to start deleting them.

Power off your iPhone and Reset

Press the power button, until you see the message “slide to power off". Usually, it takes four to five seconds for the message to appear. Slide the slider as suggested, and this will turn your iPhone off. Once the phone’s screen turns all back, let your phone rest for just a few more seconds before you restart it.

To restart it, hold down the power button. It will take around 10 seconds for the iPhone to turn on. You will see the Apple logo. Enter your passcode and see if it is functioning correctly now. However, if the problem still persists, then here’s what needs to be done.

Restore the phone

We won’t ask you to create a backup, because we trust you that you must have done already. Restore your phone from the last backup when it was working all fine. If this also doesn’t solve the issue, then restore to the earlier backup, keep trying it, unless the problem finally eliminates.

Make it a new device

Unfortunately, if none of the steps that we have shared above works, then you are left with one option only, and that is to go for the factory reset option. Malware can infect your phone even more if you let it stay there and once you are run out of solution, it is better to start from scratch.

For this, you need to go to the settings page. Click general, select reset, once done, click on erase all contents and settings. Your phone will ask you to enter the passcode, confirm the passcode and proceed. It will take some time for the operating system to wipe-off everything. Once done, your phone will become brand new.

Final words

In order to keep your iPhone protected and free from Malware, we recommend you never to trust any third-party applications. These apps not being available on the App Store is in itself an answer that they are not safe. Also, beware of “social engineering" attacks too. Even if an email content looks tempting to you, if you don’t know the sender, never click on unauthorized links, this can have malware.

You may also want to download reliable antivirus software for your phone, for instance, Comodo for your Mac. Use this easy-to-use antivirus application to always stay out of trouble

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