How to remove viruses?

Virus removal is not difficult, and if you have heard people saying that Macs don’t get a virus, then that’s not true either. As per AppleInsider portal, Mac virus, unfortunately, jumped up to 60% in 2019, which is quite an alarming rate. And it is not only the viruses that you need to be careful about, but there are different kinds of malware as well, which can disturb your Mac. Sometimes your Mac downloads bits of code that you had no interest in downloading, then these turn into adverts and start popping on your Mac screen. These nasty bugs can even steal valuable personal information, for example, your personal data from the computer.

How to Remove Viruses

How to tell if my Mac is infected by a virus?

Before asking yourself about how to remove virus, you first need to be sure whether your Mac has virus or not. We will cover everything in this article. From virus removal step to how to know, what to do, and more. All the, how, what, and why questions will be answered. Keep reading.

Signs that your Mac has a virus: -

  • Is your Mac behaving erratically? You see things which you didn’t expect.
  • Is your Mac running extremely slow? 
  • Adverts are popping up without any warning, and it is getting problematic. 
  • Your Mac has programs and software that you have no clue about. 
  • Few of the apps is asking for the administrator password. 

How to remove viruses from my Mac?

As we have already told you, virus removal from your Mac is not that difficult if you know how to do it. The most common type of malware that comes in is in the form of additional browser extensions. It is better to delete them if you don’t recognize them.


Launch Safari on your Mac book.

Now, click on Safari and the top menu, tap on Safari Extensions.


Check all the extension, and if anything looks suspicious, even after reading the description, uninstall it.

Repeat this process, until all the extensions are removed.



The first thing to do is to launch Chrome.


After that, look at the 3-dots icon, which is in the upper right corner.

From there, select more tools. Now, click on Extensions.

Check all the extension, and delete until all the unrecognized extensions are gone.


Launch Firefox


You will see the 3-line icon right at the top right corner. 


Click on Add-ons.


Now select the extension and remove the ones you don’t recognize.

Uninstall all the suspicious apps 

Since virus and malware come in different forms, some can even disguise as apps. Uninstall the apps that you are not familiar with.


Go to the Applications folder.

Drag the apps you don’t recognize to the Trash.


You can also go to the Library folder. Check the Application support folder, click on the files that are unrelated and drag them to the Trash.


In the Library folder, Launch Agents, as well as Daemons. Remove all the files which are related to the suspicious app.


Always use the Comodo antivirus tool

It is always better to use a reliable antivirus tool to scan your Mac and get rid of viruses and malware. If you already have a virus removal antivirus software and your Mac still got infected, then it is high time, you switch to a better and robust one. Download Comodo Antivirus from the official website

Download the software on your Mac; permit to install the software. Once it's done, you will see a selection language, choose your preferred language. Once downloaded, click on the icon on your desktop. The antivirus will show you that your computer is at risk and you need to scan your computer thoroughly. Run the scan to detect all the spyware, viruses, and malware. The scanner will detect every threat automatically. If threats are found, then you will be alerted about the same.


Bonus tip:

Login items are apps which will launch automatically on your startup. Malware programs and viruses might sneak into these login items without your knowledge. It is better to follow these steps

Go to your Apple menu

Select the System Preferences 

Now click on Users and Groups

Select the Login Items tab

Now, from here you can manage them accordingly by clicking on [+} and [-] buttons.


Final Words

As you can see that there are different ways to go about removing the viruses from your Mac computer. Try them out and don’t forget to use Comodo scanner to scan for threats. 


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