Installation of Antivirus App Guarantees Mobile Security

Mobile security, also known as wireless security, involves protecting both business and personal information stored on and transmitted from smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. The term mobile security refers to protecting mobile devices from malware threats and securing mobile devices and their data in the case of theft, accidental loss or unauthorized access of the mobile device.

Mobile security solutions and apps are available from an extensive range of vendors for all the famous mobile operating systems, including Google’s Android platform, iOS for iPhones and iPads, and Microsoft's Windows Phone.

With Android being the most extensively-used operating system in the world, it has thus become essential to install an antivirus app in order to obtain efficient security benefits for your Android devices. Comodo offers a Android Antivirus app that helps in defending the entry and interference of malicious apps and files.

Android Antivirus App

Comodo Mobile Security (CMS)

CMS protects your Android devices against unsafe apps, viruses, risky settings, and also from theft. Comodo's Free Android Antivirus enables protecting the personal information of the user like personal contacts, videos, and photos to mention a few. It also offers a high rate of detection of malicious mobile threats, obstructs banking Trojans from accessing or stealing of your Android device data, restricts unauthorized calls, and prevents the attack of ransomware.

Key Features of Comodo's Free Android Antivirus App

  • Antivirus
  • An on-demand scanner and "Always on" virus protection helps your device to be free of viruses and unsafe apps. You will be able to perform one touch scans and scheduled scans, and a "Health Check" feature will help in rapidly identifying unsafe apps, viruses, and potentially risky settings.

  • Software Manager
  • This feature allows you to view the installed apps, uninstall them or take a backup. Uninstalled apps can be restored back to the device by just a single tap. Software Manager provides a complete list of apps in your device allowing you to choose either to delete them or install them.

  • Anti-theft
  • This feature helps in finding the location of your device even if its SIM card has been changed. It is also possible to make the device sound a loud alarm, lock it to prevent unauthorized access, take a photograph of the possessor, and remotely wipe it of all your confidential data-including any files stored on your memory card.

  • SMS/Call Blocking
  • Instantly filters irritating SMS messages and phone calls by configuring black/white contact lists. It is also possible to just block all text messages containing specific keywords.

  • Backup
  • With this feature, CMS allows you to back up vital data such as text messages, contact lists, and private space to a memory card. This feature also allows you to back up your CMS configuration and also the apps on your device. Backed up data can be instantly restored in case of data loss in your device.

  • System Optimizer
  • CMS uses the system optimizer to give you complete visibility and control over running processes. You will be able to see how many are running and how much memory is used by every single process. You will also be able to quickly close down the ones you do not want.

  • Privacy Advisor
  • Privacy Advisor is responsible for detecting those apps on your device whose permissions could permit them to compromise your privacy or cost you money in outgoing texts/calls. It will tell you which apps are permitted to access data such as your archived messages and contact lists and which apps can make send text messages/phone calls.

  • Private Space
  • All your personal phone numbers, contacts, and text messages can be stored in Private Space. Only you will be able to view those communications after the addition takes place. Furthermore, App Protector allows you to lock your apps, preventing them from being accessed by unauthorized users.

  • Task Scheduler
  • This feature allows you to automate the antivirus scanning process. You can either choose to run the scan on any day or all days at a preset time. You will also be able to set schedules for 'Leave Flight Mode' and 'Enter Flight Mode' on your device.

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • This feature available in Comodo's Free Android Antivirus app the helps you to prevent overage charges for exceeding the data limits on your plan. You will be able to configure the application in order to provide alerts if your monthly traffic limit is approaching and/or set a daily traffic quota. You will also be provided with comprehensive details of all GPRS/3G data traffic and a chart of data usage for all running applications. Stopping or uninstalling data-expensive applications will help you to conserve your data usage. The Firewall from the traffic monitoring interface can be used for blocking apps from ever connecting to the Internet.

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