How to Keep Your Windows OS Secure

Since there's a continuous advent of technological innovations today, more and more people are using and storing sensitive, valuable information in their devices. This is why hackers and malicious actors continue to learn and improve their ways of breaching an individual's or and organization's operating systems. One successful attack and they can instantly take hold of a huge amount of data that can be used for so many purposes, leaving the victims with severe financial or reputational damage.

What most of us don't know is that these cybercriminals are automatically given an opportunity to move with an attack when we let our guard down and neglect basic security measures. As such, we've listed down a few basic tips, such as installing security software for Windows, to protect your Windows operating system. Read on.

Security Software for Windows

Keep Your Browser Secure

For whatever reason you might be using your computer for, you're surely using your web browser on a daily basis. This is why it's important that you keep it right up to date at all times and be on top of the add-ons and plug-ins you install. These extension programs can have access to everything that you do inside your browser so constantly run a checkup to make sure you only have essential and trusted add-ons installed, keeping away anything unwanted, redundant or suspicious.

Enable Windows Defender

Windows has the capacity now to flash up a warning if no antivirus software is present and Windows Defender is turned off. If you see this notification on your device, you should enable the default Windows Defender immediately. Most IT experts would say that it's not entirely reliable but still gets the job done for the most part. That said, it's better to install a third-party package or the security software for Windows if you want some extra protection.

Look for The Best Antivirus for Windows

Pirated software programs are everywhere nowadays so when you're looking for the best security software for Windows, make sure that you choose one from a legitimate company, such as the Comodo Internet Security (CIS). Having a reliable security solution on your system ensures that you will have access to real-time scanning, automatic update, and a powerful firewall.

Avoid Using a Microsoft Account

Although there are certain benefits to using a Microsoft account, such as syncing your desktop to different devices and two-factor authentication, there are also several drawbacks. Among these issues is the fact that someone at Microsoft will always know when you are using your computer and in what way. Additionally, there's a high risk of someone logging on to your computer remotely if your account gets stolen or hacked. In light of this, it's much smarter to avoid using a Microsoft account and switch to a local one instead.

Be Wary of What you Download

It's highly advisable that you stick to well-known and popular applications or software and download them straight from the official sites. If you must install something that you don't usually hear of, perform a quick Internet search to check its credentials on the web. What's more, be sure to pay attention when clicking through software installation wizards. Avoid clicking on Next simultaneously without reading the prompts or you might end up with extra, suspicious programs that you didn't really want.

Review Your App Permissions

Windows is now capable of handling app permissions so you can see what each program is allowed to do on your system. Keep in mind that nothing should be accessing your camera and microphone without good reason, as well as your location. This is why it's crucial to review these permissions periodically from privacy, as well as a security perspective. You can disable access completely for all apps or allow permission on an app-by-app basis using the toggle switches.

Final Thoughts

Securing your operating system to protect valuable data doesn't really have to be hard to accomplish. Some of the smallest, simplest measures, like installing the best security software for Windows, can be the most effective in safeguarding your devices. They won't even take long and they're easy to do so you don't have to have an excuse for not doing them. Additionally, following these basic security measures also allows you to set up your system to work smoothly for online browsing, financial operations and other activities you do every day.

Comdo Internet Security offers real-time protection to prevent the latest cyber threats from infecting your computer. With an easy-to-use interface and a whole host of features, you’ll surely be able to rest at ease knowing your computer network is secured. Contact us today!