Virus Protection For Windows 7 – The Stepwise Guide To Follow!

Keep checking your PC or Windows device for malicious behavior. Slow performance, more pop-ups, missing files, lack of storage can be some of the signs of the infected operating system. If you are still using windows 7 and encountering any of these issues, there is virus protection for Windows 7 that you can opt for.

We bring you the tips and methods that you need to follow and work out with the issue.

The Guide To Shield Your Device Against Viruses

Virus Protection for Windows 7

#1 Turn Off the Networking Source

  • The first task is to turn off the internet. If you are connected via the Ethernet cable, then take it off. If you are connected via Wi-Fi or another network, disable the internet from Adapter Settings.
  • Access “Control Panel” by typing it in the search section, or you can press the Windows key and X. From the list, choose the program, and it will open up.
  • Now, locate Network and Internet; click it and choose Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the new window, click Change adapter settings that will bring you all the network connections.
  • There should be an option as Wireless Network Connection, right-click it, and choose Disable.

This should be the process for Windows 7, try to locate the options with a bit different terminologies if you can’t find the same. This is the first thing you do toward virus protection for Windows 7.

#2 Use the Installed Antivirus

Every device that you use to access the internet should have an antivirus installed. The program does work as a security layer against the viruses, but you should also perform the scans regularly. This ensures that all the files in your system are the safe ones, and there are no virus files.

  • To scan using the antivirus, you first need to locate it. Click the antivirus icon on the desktop or go to the bottom right corner of the taskbar as it should be there.
  • If you can’t find, type the name in the search bar of the windows, and you should find it.
  • Double click the icon or right-click and choose to open the Interface or something similar.
  • This will bring you a window on the screen where you can find different types of scans.
  • Choose from Quick, Boot, or Full System Scan. Every scan takes a different amount of time to scan, so choose as per your availability.

Full and Boot-time scan are deeper than Quick Scan, and so they should be chosen for more serious issues regarding the virus. Once you have selected the right type of scan, wait for it to complete.

It will bring you the list of results with all infected files and folders. The antivirus also lets you choose if you want to keep the files by repairing them or delete them at once.

Select the option that sounds better and let the antivirus does the rest. This way, you scan your system, get to know about the infected files, and take necessary action. You can restart your device, and the performance should be improved.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Device Secure

Along with scanning your device regularly, there are a few more things that ensure the added security to your Windows device.

  • An antimalware app helps too against all the malicious activities from entering your system. Windows devices always come with a default defender, make use of the same, and you should be fine.
  • Use a pop-up blocker so no unnecessary ads or windows will open up. Those windows can leave malicious content in your device, so make use of a pop-up blocker.
  • Always be mindful of the browser’s warning regarding the applications you download. Check the extension of the file every time and make sure you are not getting a .exe file when you download a song.
  • Clear your Internet cache and your browsing history; you can delete all of it or leave the needed ones. This will delete all the temporary files that websites leave on your PC to make the loading process faster.

Comodo Antivirus Software

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As a result, with COMODO, you get peace of mind and enjoy browsing in a safer environment with a sound security vibe.


An antivirus always ensures the right kind of security layer against all the threats. It is a must-have program when you access the internet on the device. For Windows 7 or any updated version, the antivirus is a universal program to opt for. Determine your budget and security expectations while selecting the ideal antivirus or virus protection for Windows 7!