Virus Scan Android – Recognize the Malicious Environ and Fix the Same!

Just like the windows devices as your PCs and tablets, android devices too are prone to viruses or malware. Unlike Windows, phones are less prone to viruses, but still, you can experience malicious vibes.

Recognizing the signs is the first approach toward virus scan android. Here we bring you the symptoms and the solutions. Let’s get onto it-

Signs That You’re Phone Has a Virus

Virus Scan Android

A virus is not worth enduring because it steals your valuable information and sends it to the hackers. When a virus is active, you may notice the following things happening:

  • When you encounter increased data usage, this is because the virus is trying to transmit information over the network.
  • When you experience app-crashing more than usual, it is a virus. Even when you use updated apps, and it still crashes, then it is a sign.
  • A virus also makes your phone to send premium messages without you even knowing. This increases the overall amount on the final bill of your phone. These malicious things delete incoming messages too!
  • There may be an app that you did not download; this is a malicious outcome. Do not open that app in any case and delete it right away.
  • When the phone's battery gets drained faster than usual, then the virus is the cause. All in all, when your phone behaves in a way it should not, then it is your call to check your phone for the virus and fix the issue.

How to Remove a Virus from an Android Phone?

Google Play provides you both free and premium antivirus programs for virus scan android. You should explore the store and install trustworthy antivirus software. After the downloading and installing process, it becomes easy to scan your phone for the possible viruses.

  • You need to tap the app icon and access the hamburger-like sign. In most apps, you can find it in the top left corner.
  • From there, hit the scan button or the type of scan you want
  • This will start scanning your phone for viruses and everything malicious
  • Now, from the results, you can either wish to repair the files or delete them instantly, and you are done.

Performing the scan is not a troublesome task, but choosing the right antivirus program is. That is why make sure that you use reputed software to protect your device.

Reboot the Phone in Safe Mode

This is a tactic to verify if your phone has some kind of malicious roots. If accessing your phone in Safe Mode gets you rid of all the abnormalities, then you can understand that your phone has been attacked by a virus.

To reboot the phone in Safe Mode, press and hold the power button. In a few seconds, the screen will turn black and show you some options. From there, you can choose Safe Mode, and there you go. 

In different phones, the process of entering the Safe mode can be different. Such as you may be needed to press the power button along with the volume up or down button too and hold them there.

Tip: If a phone overheats without you accessing any apps in the background, it is a sign!

Uninstall Any Malicious App

You need to access the application center by going into the Settings of your phone. From there, click Applications, and a whole list of apps open up.

From this list, you need to identify an app that you don’t remember downloading or seems malicious. Delete this app and see if your phone feels better to operate.

Comodo Antivirus Software

Comodo is one of the reputed antivirus programs that ensure your safety for all the operating systems. They facilitate their security for $4.99/YEAR, plus their plans differ for individuals as well as the organizations. The sandboxed security layer fights against all the threats and creates an antimalware environment.

The software enables the user to access the browser in a safe environment where no unnecessary transmission of data takes place. As a result, Comodo antivirus keeps its users from ransomware and similar problems. If you encounter any sign of malicious activities, it is advised to get the antivirus protection at the earliest.

Wrapping Up

To protect your phone in the first place from virus scan android, make sure you disable "Allow Apps from Unknown Sources." This way, you would be able to download apps from the official store only. Also, a rooted phone invites more viruses and malware; it is advised not to access the rooted world unless you are not concerned about your security.

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