Which Virus Scanner Online Is the Best for Your PC?

The reason for many PC crashes comes down t only one reason - the absence of an effective antivirus program

We know you are bored of listening to this advice about purchasing PC security software, and whatnot.

Pay attention! For now, we are going to tell you what happens when your PC does not have sufficient protection.

“How Will A Virus Damage My Computer?”

You must be aware of the basic definition of what comprises a virus program.

We are not going to bug you with any technical jargon or terms.

Virus Scanner Online

For now, let us imagine a situation in which a virus is infecting your PC.

You must be wondering how the virus will spread

  • An infected application starts, and the virus code gets loaded onto the CPU memory. Before the user knows, there is a virus program inside the computer.
  • The virus will self-propagate by infecting other applications on the computer. It does so via malicious code.
  • A resident virus does this to a program when it opens. On the other hand, the non-resident virus infects executable files even if the application is not open.
  • The boot sector virus places the code in the boot sector of the PC hard disk.
  • Placing the code in the boot sector ensures it will execute before the OS loads, which makes it impossible to run the computer without any issues.

After the virus latches onto the computer, it will execute the payload, which is the virus code that does the main work. You should look for a reliable virus scanner online to get rid of any malicious program.

A virus can quickly scan your computer for sensitive data, log the keystrokes, and launch DDoS attacks.

Please Note

With Ransomware, hackers can use a computer virus to encrypt all the files of a user’s computer and demand a payment in bitcoin.

“Exactly What Type Of Viruses Does a Hacker or Cybercriminal Uses?”

With the advent of computer technology and easy access to hacking and coding, cybercrimes are on the rise.

The modern-day criminal does not need a gun to steal from someone.

Their choice of weapons is much more sophisticated, as information is the new gold.

Some of the weapons utilized by cybercriminals to gain access to your sensitive data include:

1. Spyware

• Spyware seems almost similar to the hit UK reality TV show Big Brother. Every single action you do sitting in front of the computer recorded by an unauthorized person.

• Imagine someone watching you 24x7 even when you are not using the webcam. There are programs, which can switch on the camera without your permission.

2. Malware

• Malware is a broader term, which takes into consideration Trojan horse attacks and spyware programs. It will be worth investing in a virus scanner online to keep your PC safe.

• It works to disrupt the normal functioning of your computer or spy on you.

3. Ransomware

• The most popular form of virus programs, which quickly infiltrates a user’s computer during an online session.

• The hacker encrypts the entire system of the victim and sends a ransom message for releasing the files.

4. Boot Sector Virus

The boot sector virus works by targeting the firmware, which affects how the PC operates.

“How Can I Safeguard My PC Against These Malicious Programs?”

You have heard about antivirus programs. However, to keep your PC safe, you will need more than that.

Yes, we are talking about a virus scanner online that will help you keep the system updated and safe from the latest threats.

Given below are the top three online virus scanners for you.

ESET Online Scanner

The ESET online scanner supports removable media, local and network drives. It will install an add-on to clean the computer via the internet browser. You choose the location to scan, and it will do so and remove any threats looming on the particular area.


A capable virus scanner online for getting the scan results in an email. You can create a free account with this program and track the results of each file.

“Wait! You Still Haven’t Seen the Third and The Best!”

The Comodo online virus scanner is internet-based protection for antivirus suite-level products. It is highly effective and picks off every virus infection one by one. The virus scanner immediately starts scanning for any errors and removes every single trace of malware.


• When you are looking for a virus scanner online to keep your PC safe, both offline and online, then always look for a reliable one. It is a wise decision to invest in the Comodo virus scanner to keep the computer system safe from the latest threats.