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Think about it once, how much are you willing to spare on virus removal software? How much are you ready to pay for the best online virus scan? Have you seriously considered having an online virus scanner? Do you know that there are many free antivirus software easily available online and some of them are good and reliable too? So, why is there is a need even to spend a few dollars on another virus removal software? If you are still looking for a new virus scanner online, then chances are you are not satisfied with them, and that’s why you are here and reading this blog on Comodo antivirus software.

Do you know Comodo has a free antivirus software for you as well, with some of the robust features? It comes with many bonus features, hands-on quality scanning process, and the easy-to-use software doesn’t ask for any tech-savvy person to bring the best into the table.

Best Online Virus Scan

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All you got to have is the average computer skills, and you are good to go. Just like any other free antivirus, Comodo is another trustworthy antivirus software which is entirely free for you. However, there is a paid version as well, which you can go for as well. And the paid version comes with Comodo’s GeekBuddy dedicated tech support service. In the paid version, you will get a cleaning up malware and program and on top of that a dedicated tech support team!


To begin with, all the scan is ready to use with just one click. The scan button will be just on the main menu, and as we said, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to find it. You get to choose from Quick or Full scans whenever you want, and they are readily available for you at your disposal, and you are free to launch them whenever you want. The full scan process will take around 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete the scanning process. Yes, you might find it a bit slower than the other scanning tools, but it is worth the wait.

While scanning the computer, feel free to choose the files, the folder, and every app, that you think needs scanning and testing. If you wish, you can set up multiple scan option as well. Other than that, you can let the complete computer to go through full scanning. You can scan for the infected areas, memory, and choose whatever area that you think needs scanning process. Not just this, you can go for “fine-tune” as well to see the sensitivity of a file rating. This way, you will have a more precise evaluation.

The Rating scan feature will allow you to scan all the infected areas effectively. The best part about this scanning process is that it lets you create a “reputation list” for your files on the OS. You can include the files in the list, which you think aren’t dangerous for your computer and you can trust them fully. However, if you feel that there are files which are a threat to your computer, then the scanning process of Comodo will help you wipe off every piece of infection.

The Advanced features

Interested to more? Then here it is. Comodo comes with sandbox technology, which is known as Valkyrie, and you will surely love this feature. This powerful feature will let you go through a test-run for all kinds of potentially suspicious, as well as, dangerous files and secure your environment to protect it from viruses and malware. And sandbox will also allow you to use a browser in a safe environment, making your internet using experience even more robust.

Not just this, malware, which already exists in their OS, will be monitored. You can have a virtual desktop for yourself as well, where you can have a 100% isolated environment for you, which will provide you with maximum security.

Comodo antivirus is a secure and safe virus scanner which can be downloaded from their official website. You can download it in your Windows XP, as well as, Windows 10. It can help your computer stay away from unnecessary from cookies, it will block suspicious SSL certificates, and will cut out telemetry as well. If you want to have a secure, fast, as well as, flexible antivirus software, then all you need is Comodo security antivirus. security software


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