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If you are worried about your computer and want to keep it protected, then you should seriously consider having an antivirus software that will keep your computer protected. Viruses nowadays are available in different types. Some viruses will make it difficult for you to work on your PC and keep on showing you unwanted pop ups or will redirect you to unknown websites, while others will download suspicious software and programs in your computer without your knowledge. That’s why it makes sense to download the best computer security software for both your desktop and laptop. One such reliable virus removal antivirus software is Comodo.

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Comodo is a robust antivirus software with the following advantages:

  • Fully loaded with tons of features
  • Sandbox tool for extra protection
  • Highly configurable

The best part about Comodo virus removal is that it comes with real-time protection and also detects, as well as, blocks unknown malware before the malware can do any harm to your computer.

If you unknowingly run an unknown application or an application that is hard to trust, then Comodo can protect your PC with its powerful sandbox tool and prevent infection from spreading all across your computer.

Best Computer Security Software

If you wish to buy the best computer security software, then we will highly recommend you to try Comodo and also download the software from the official website only.

Sandbox lets you run browsers and different genuine application. It can also create a complete virtual desktop for you, making it extremely challenging for the threats to attack your PC or modify your monitor.

If you are already aware about Comodo, then you can even tweak a Host Intrusion Protection system as well, giving better control to Comodo to analyse, which app can do what to your system.

Even though Comodo doesn’t come with web filtering, the sandbox tool is robust enough to make sure that it detects every threat and blocks it right away, keeping your computer fully protected.

The all new Comodo even gives peace of mind to online users who use internet to buy commercial products from different ecommerce platform and it protects your internet banking details as well.

The reason why Comodo is the best computer security software, is that it has a lot of features and we must give credit to its user-friendly interface. It comes with a tiny desktop widget; you can use it to launch scans easily. It also has a conventional antivirus console and the Advanced View setting lets you get speedy access to its expert-level features and functions.

However, if you are new to Comodo, then no need to get into the complicated stuff first. Start by launching a simple virus scan. Now, you can either select Quick or a Full Scan. But it is always better to explore Comodo’s features though. Because it has a lot to offer.

You can set up different custom scan as well scan specific folders and files. Custom scan lets you have power over the scanner and you can do scanning as per your requirements. Through custom scanning, you can scan the contents of RAM, trusted root certification authorities store, and even commonly infected areas as well. And then, you also have the option to do a full scanning of your computer.

Do try the Sandbox feature as well. The true highlight of Comodo is its sandbox tool. You can use it to run your computer in a more secured environment. If you are an avid internet user or someone who works from home and needs the internet non-stop, then the Sandbox feature is ideal for you. This way, you will get to use the internet as per your wish and never worry about any threat causing trouble to your PC. Also, you can use the same tool to keep your PC protected from dangerous web-based malware and viruses as well.

If you are new to Comodo, then we will recommend you to start with the free Comodo Free Antivirus. Even the free antivirus software has a lot of features and the best part is it comes with Sandbox tool as well. So, if you are considering to get an antivirus software, then you should definitely consider Comodo. Visit the official website and click on free to download the free antivirus tool. Let the files get installed and don’t forget to update the software.

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