Windows Protection

Windows Defender is a default antivirus software that comes along with any Windows OS installation. The moment you install any of the Windows Operating System, the Windows Defender Antivirus also gets installed instantly. So the question is, does the Windows Defender suffice to protect the  Windows PC?

The sad truth is that, Windows Defender provides only  basic protection for  individual users who use PCs for day to day personal use.

For those users who download files and frequently use social media websites, Windows Defender would be barely sufficient.

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Windows Protection

In cases when the user downloads tons and tons of applications and files, then Windows Defender would not be the right option for protection.

This calls for a more reliable third party security system to defy malware to the fullest, delivering absolute protection to the Windows system. Comodo Internet Security suite comes to the rescue to  ensure absolute protection for Windows PC users. It invokes the most outstanding techniques and methodologies and innovative features to help users drive away even the most adamant malware.

Why Comodo Internet Security is the best

Comodo Internet Security is a suite  of robust security applications which contains  antivirus, firewall, host Intrusion Prevention, default-deny protection, and auto sandboxing technology, such that makes it the  best option in the industry to outplay even the most threatening zero-day threats.

Some Bench mark features of Comodo Internet Security

Antivirus – Delivers instant and quick protection, by scanning, detecting and removing viruses, computer worms and other malware. It offers drag and drop options to run an instant malware scan. It also provides on-demand and on-access scanning. 

Firewall – This works to eliminate inbound and outbound threats constantly

Default-Deny Approach – This robust feature is an integration of firewall, antivirus, behavior analysis, auto sandboxing, and host intrusion prevention system to filter out unsafe files from entering the system, thereby terminating the threats at the entry point itself.

Containment – Validates and approves the processes that are run in the system and prevents the suspicious ones from interfering  with the regular operations of the system. Processes that goe unrecognized are auto-contained and further run for behavior analysis while they cannot harm the system.

Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) – The security system works based on certain protocols to oversee the activities of all applications and processes on your computer. HIPS terminates any malicious activities once found while the system-memory, registry keys or personal data can be protected.

VirusScope - Observes the activities of the applications that are run on your computer and warns you  if they work against the computer's normal operations.

Comodo Internet Security Vs Windows Defender

CIS works better to protect the Windows PC with the following

  1. Less Usage of System Resources (CPU, RAM)
  2. Robust Features that combine Antivirus, Firewall, Default-Deny Protection, Auto Sandboxing, containment techniques and much more.
  3. Real World System Impact
  4. User Friendly Interface
  5. Enhanced Level of Protection and Features (Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker)
  6. An overall Winner