How Buying a Windows Virus Scanner is a Great Investment?

Ransomware, spyware, malware, adware, and Trojans

We are sure you have heard these names and also know their destructive capabilities

These are the potential weapons in the hands of a cybercriminal

Making your computer slow and unable to run smoothly is just 1% of what these do

The main issue here is not the absence of a reliable antivirus program, but the lack of knowledge about the latest threats

These threats are capable enough to wipe off every single byte of data from your computer.

Windows Virus Scanner

“The Three Deadly Threats To The Security of Your Computer”

We are not talking only about you installing third-party software on the PC

We are talking about some advanced severe technology data hacking type of threats

Threats that can wreak havoc on your PC and are not easy to resolve

Let us explain the three deadly risks to not only a smooth performance but also to the safety of your PC.

1. Cryptojacking

  • The popularity of cryptocurrency mining has allowed hackers the use of the hardware resources from an unsuspecting computer.
  • Hackers fool the victim into loading mining codes onto their computers. It allows them to use the CPU processing resources to mine for cryptocurrency.
  • It has led many companies to bear heavy losses looking to enhance system performance or replace the existing system with a new one.

“How Does the IT Team Handle This Issue?”

To safeguard the system against this issue, the IT team tries monitoring and diagnosing the CPU usage to get alerts. It is needless to say that this only gets the team not that far.

You should look for a reliable windows virus scanner to get rid of this issue. Please understand that cryptocurrency aims to use the system’s CPU resources and not corrupt the data.

2. APT Threats

  • APTs, short for Advanced Persistent Threats are where an unauthorized attacker code enters into an unsuspecting PC network and remains for an extended period.
  • These aim to steal financial and other secured information.
  • The APTs utilize techniques as malware and exploit kits, among others, to gain access.
  • APTs can scan and infect the deeper parts of a system that will eventually compromise all of the data.

These attacks are difficult to detect, but some symptoms of an attack include any unusual pattern in the network activity or access to a large amount of data.

You can increase the defense capabilities of the computer system by upgrading the antivirus program to a reputed windows virus scanner.

3. Ransomware

  • The latest cybersecurity threat to have made its appearance in 2017 was the ransomware. A majority of the businesses, approximately 60%, permanently lost their data to this attack.
  • Ransomware attacks secure database systems, encrypting data, and threatening to delete if the user does not pay up using bitcoins.
  • A massive increase in the ransomware attacks occurred due to the rise in crypto-currencies.

Since Ransomware is malware, an antivirus program can help deal with the issue in the first place. Besides, regular security patches and updates would help keep the PC secure. You should look for a reputed windows virus scanner to get rid of the issue.

“How Will an Antivirus Program Help Me Fight These Threats?”

An antivirus program is no longer an optional program, which you can ignore to install

The increase in cybercrime has also increased the demand for a reliable antivirus program

Here is how an antivirus will help to keep your system secure

  • Active protection against viruses and spyware
  • Blocks phishing attacks
  • A quick scan of removable media
  • Two-way firewall
  • Password protection

However, we know there are individuals who would be confused about, which is the best antivirus protection program.

“The Answer To Your Dilemma Is Here!”

Comodo Antivirus is the answer to all your doubts about protecting PC from any threat

The antivirus program designed especially to handle high-level threats

The features, which make this program the best one include:

1. Payment Protection

Whether you are purchasing an iPhone XR or a new tool for the garage, your financial credentials are safe with you.

2. Cloud-Based Antivirus

The antivirus uploads any suspicious files onto a cloud. The cloud scans the data for any suspicious links or errors and presents a complete analysis.

3. Spyware Scanning

You need not worry about anyone spying on you via the webcam without authorization. The anti-spyware feature makes it hard for hackers to watch what you are doing via the webcam.


• An antivirus program is a must-have application if you want to keep your PC safe from not only unauthorized access but online threats as well. In short, Comodo is undoubtedly the best windows virus remover program for your PC.