How to Stop Pop Ups

How Do I Stop Antivirus Pop-Ups on My Computer?

One of the major issues on the web today is the attacks of viruses and spyware. Many times, people witness some unwanted pop-ups claiming that their computers are affected by viruses. And to prevent such viruses, pop-ups invite to install antivirus software. It is the latest rogue antivirus threat that is happening worldwide.

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A fake pop up poses as a legitimate antivirus to threat and scam people to purchase a full version, which itself is spyware. Such frauds are gaining momentum in the internet landscape.

A lot of internet users fall prey to such tactics and end up taking the bait. The primary objective behind such pop-ups is to spy on the online activities of the victims and glean valuable information such as credit card, bank details, and so on.

Stop Antivirus Pop Ups


How to Remove Fake Antivirus popup?

Pop-ups are a terrible thing that distracts people who are working on their computers. The latest trend in spyware is to trick people pay for the antivirus to protect the computer from viruses and malware. There are a large number of ways to deal with this nagging issue.

Let’s discuss them all and know how to Stop Antivirus Pop Ups from reappearing on your computer.

  • Go Through Add-ons
    The next step is to check the browsers and select extensions. Clicking the hamburger icon at the top right corner will help you get a picture of the extensions. Remove the unwanted extensions from your browsers and be sure to tick the pop-up block windows.
    It is a default pop-up blocker offered by many browsers. In case you are using chrome browser, go to the advanced setting- privacy section – and click the Content settings. Make sure you do not let any site to show pop-up.
  • Use the Control Panel
    A fake pop up is a ploy to get people further and gain access to their personal information. You need to turn on the system pop up blocker to remove the misleading application.
    All you need to do is navigate through the Control Panel. After that, Go to the Internet options — Privacy — Turn on Pop-up blocker. It is highly recommended to set the level high to facilitate highest filter settings. Last of all, click on the ok button and you are good to go.
  • Other Ways
    First thig first, restart the computer and press F8 key during the process. Select the Safe Mode with Networking option. After that, find and eliminate the files with the Antivirus 2009 name. Once deleting the unwanted files, perform a quick scan of the computer with the help of reliable antivirus software.
    Another method to Stop Antivirus Pop Ups is using the Google Toolbar. It will help you with an additional level of protection. For this, you need to click on the wrench icon at the right side. Go to the Tools and tick the Pop-Up blocker. Finally, save the settings and put your mind at ease.

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Every day, whilst you surf the Internet, Comodo Antivirus Software lets you enjoy up-to-date data protection and cloud-based scanning benefit.

The software scans the suspicious malware and files so that you get updated information about the viruses and infections. For those looking for advanced protection of their computers can download the antivirus software.

Despite being providing the security features, it comes with a bagful of features such as default deny protection to let only PC-safe apps to work, Quarantine system to prevent from viruses, one-click scanning, and user-friendly interface. Cloud-based whitelisting and application control are among the most liked features of the Comodo antivirus software.

The Bottom Line

Comodo Antivirus software works effectively on all the windows. Clearing the virus from your computer, you can perform any task without even worrying about the annoying antivirus pop-ups. The software is available at $29.99 per year, go for it, and make the purchase worth.

If you desire to keep your computer safe and secure, this is the right time to get a reliable and trusted antivirus software. So, hit the jackpot today and get a good bang for your bucks.

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