Why Use the Best Windows Protection?

Various malicious programs have permeated today’s cyber world. Spyware, ransomware, keyloggers, and new forms of malware continues to spread, giving a problem to individuals and businesses.

Using devices connected to the internet makes your computer a target for cyber-attacks. Once your machine become vulnerable, attackers can infect your computer with a virus and can delete and alter files, steal personal data, or use your computer’s resources without your permission. In this case, using the best Windows protection is absolutely necessary to keep your computer safe from harmful viruses and other malicious intruders.

Windows Protection


Do I need to install another antivirus along with my Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is automatically integrated into your Windows system. It provides a good amount of protection against malware which includes periodic threat scans, integrated firewall control, account protection, automatic scanning of new files downloaded from the web, and so on. In addition to this, it will only make less use of your CPU resources. However, Windows Defender may not be as accurate and reliable like some third-party antivirus programs.

If you have a Windows Defender on your computer, you are probably wondering whether you still need antivirus software. Here’s our answer. While the Windows Defender is a legitimate antivirus protection built in your Windows PC, some studies have shown that it lacks effectiveness in some areas. As such, you should not settle in Microsoft’s default antivirus software alone. Choosing the best Windows protection is the way to go.

When selecting antivirus for your laptop or desktop, you must know that not all software are equal. You need to evaluate an antivirus solution first to see if it is what you need. Aside from the good protection rating, the software should also be able to protect you against harmful threats including zero-day attacks and ransomware.

1. High malware-detection rate

The Windows protection tool can block more than 95 percent of malicious programs, whether it's brand-new zero-day malware or spyware. However, see to it that the program does not flag genuine files as malware.

Performance impact

Some antivirus programs may require significant amount of computing resources to do their job. Read reviews of Windows protection tools to compare how each product slows down a machine during background and active scans. This is useful especially for slower PCs that need antivirus software the most.

Bundled tools

Comprehensive security products offer additional tools aside from their core security modules. They may include password wallets, safely encrypted storage space in the cloud, sandbox technology, and so on. While these additional tools aren’t your priority when you start looking for the best Windows protection, they can help you need to make the right choice between two similar security products. For example, you usually take your Windows computer when working remotely. Getting a security product with a VPN service plan can be a good idea. It allows you to connect safely to untrustworthy public wireless networks like those found in airports, coffee shops, conference centers, and so on.


Companies that produce three or more kinds of Windows products may offer antivirus packages in different prices. Often, each program is more costly than the last. However, since a single manufacturer makes them, it will detect malware just as well as the others. Just take note that there will be a few differences in the extra features that each offers, such as parental controls, password managers, backup software, or online storage. If you don't think you need these additional features, it is good to just go with the cheaper option.

Continuous security scans

Windows protection software should be able to automate antimalware scans. It is even better if the product has already activated regularly scheduled scans upon purchase. As threats come at an unexpected time, the software should continue running even if your computer is idle.

Automatic updates

Constantly updating your antivirus software is imperative as there are new viruses that could threaten your computer. Choose the Windows protection that offers automatic updates so you can easily combat new viruses and protect your computer.


Some security solutions are better than others depending on the features they offer. If you are looking for the best Windows protection, try Comodo Internet Security. We monitor the activities of all applications and block any action that could damage your operating system, system-memory, registry keys, or personal data. Comodo Internet Security also has an auto-sandbox feature to completely isolate untrusted files from the rest of your computer.

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