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What is Adware? Definition and Methods to Remove Them

June 22, 2018 | By Natasha Devotta
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Adware Removal

An Adware is a software that displays unauthorized advertising download and displays pop-ups or banners on the program’s user-interface when the user is connected to the internet.

This type of software, helps the developer generate revenue and recover the costs of the programming development by generating advertisements online on the screen displayed to the user at the time of installation process.

The advertisements are displayed in a variety of ways

  • Static Box Display
  • Banner Display
  • Full-Screen Display
  • Video Display
  • Pop-up Ad Display

Effects of adware:

  • It slows down the browsing speed
  • Brings down the processing speed of the PC
  • Interrupts with the system’s performance
  • Changes to browser homepage and search results
  • Customized ads are displayed on web pages and when clicked, malware gets downloaded at the back end.

What is the impact of an Adware 

It is just not about displaying advertisements on the users’ screen. The prime objective of the adware is to collect data from the user without showing its presence in the user’s system. It does not show any indication of its installation in the program menu.

Adware can get onto your system in two different ways

Through shareware programs
Adwares are sometimes included within shareware programs to initiate revenue generation in a genuine way, this helps to capitalize the issuance and development of the shareware or freeware program.

Infected Websites
Sometimes users are diverted to malicious websites that initiate unauthorized installation of adware on the device. Users can be infected with an adware if the browser has a vulnerability. This type of adware is called Browser Hijackers.

How to stay protected from Adware?

Generally, Adware programs are developed to penetrate users’ systems and run without the users’ consent, the most challenging of all is that the adware programs cannot be uninstalled. Most of the antivirus programs are not equipped with sufficient technology to identify adware present in the system. However, Comodo offers next-generation antivirus, to detect Adware and help users comprehend how to remove them immediately. They are available for free with limited features and you also have a paid version to help you benefit a full range of features.

Adware/Virus Removal – If you find that the adware program is deceptive or if you are not aware of the installation of the adware program and if you have concerns over the system safety – use Antivirus software of Comodo to remove adware.

Choosing not to detect Adware

If you find that the adware programs do not raise any concerns and if you find that the programs are not harmful, Comodo gives you the option to disable adware detection and also helps the users whitelist such safe programs.

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