Best Free Antivirus 2015

Best Free Antivirus 2015
  • Unlimited Live Expert Virus Support
  • Next Generation Security
    Online Backup
    Wifi Hotspot Eavesdropping Protection (TrustConnect)
    Virus Free Guarantee
    Defense +
  • Cloud-Aware Security
    Instant Cloud Behaviour Analysis
    Instant Cloud Scanning
    Instant Cloud Whitelist Checking
  • Unmatched User Experience
    Game Mode
    Trusted Installer Detection
    Trusted Vendor List
  • Infection Defense
    Stateful Packet Inspection
    File System Checkpoint
    Registry Checkpoint
    COM Checkpoint
    Code Injection Checkpoint
    DLL Injection Checkpoint
    Window Message Checkpoint
    Driver Installation Checkpoint
    Disk Manipulation Checkpoint
    Computer Monitor Checkpoint
    Keyboard Checkpoint
    Operating System Objects Checkpoint
    Advanced PKI Validation for Executable Files
    Advanced Parent-Child Process Tracking
    Advanced HIPS Heuristics
    Malware Bypass Protection
    Malware Termination Protection
    Self Protection
    Crash Resistance Protection
    Stateful File Inspection
    Buffer Overflow Protection
    64 bit Hips (Expand)
    Command Line Parsing Heuristic
    Script Bypass Protection
    Host File Protection
    Worlds Strongest Autostart Protection
    64 bit Advanced Anti-Evasion protection (Patent Pending)
    Hidden File/Folder Scanning
    Hidden Registry Keys Scanning
    File System Virtualization
    Registry Virtualization
    Auto Sandbox Technology
    Default Deny

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Rohit Upreti
Comodo... Real gold in the AV market..

I have used Kaspersky,Norton,McAfee,Avast, Panda,AVG in the past. One consumes much resources and others lack in interface, are too user dependent. Comodo's an All rounder that's why if I am offered to pick from the above AVs I will definitely go for Comodo.

Comodo IS security and it's FREE!

Every product from Comodo Group is a masterpiece. Comodo's default deny technology is the future of the Internet Security! And the new version 8.2 is smoother on system resources than the previous versions!

Matteo Ferrari
Excellent antivirus.

Comodo antivirus is an excellent, a spectacular and a very valuable American Home antivirus product. I would never have believed neither imagined nor suspected if I had not tried it before, that arrived to do so much, because I did pretty much totally reborn my PC, eliminating the boring and difficult root viruses that other antivirus products have failed in their purpose. My personal opinion is actually advise so exhaustively on each infected PC, without any shadow of doubt, even better when paired with his famous and powerful firewall! Try it and you will not regret. Guaranteed! Matteo Ferrari

Laur Florin
COMODO I.S. 8.1.x Review

Pros: -Free protection -Antivirus, Firewall, HIPS, Sandbox -Great advancements since versions 5.x and 6.x -Resource Friendly -Fine-grained settings -Stateful Antivirus Realtime Protection -> easier on resources Cons: -No boot time/offline scan (with CCE and BootDisk being outdated) -Has few negligible false positives -Better at prevention, than at removal

The best free antivirus!

Month ago I bought a new laptop and installed Avast free antivirus. I was a little unsure about it. Then I tried Bitdefender. Bitdefender was pretty good but I couldn't make whole system scan. Finally, I installed Comodo Free Antivirus. I think it's the best free antivirus.I love the Comodo Dragon browser and now I'm feeling more secure. I would recommend it to all people who is still looking for a good free antivirus.

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