Is there a Trojan Virus Removal?

Trojan horses hide within harmless programs and infects other files that are present in the system. It takes control of the infected system and send sensitive information to the malware developer through the internet. The malware author then gains access to the system and takes control to slow down the system’s activities.
Comodo Antivirus uses advanced features like Default Deny Platform to terminate malicious files and unknown files in a virtual isolated container, by means of containment technology.

The Comodo implements virus cope technology to validate unknown files for malicious behaviour and actions. It is equipped with a cloud-based verdict system called the Valkyrie that provides a report. Malware files are then deleted, while good files can run on the endpoint and unknown files are contained the endpoint and examined in real time.

There are umpteen number of virus removal tools under the sun, and so far, the best virus removal tool in the industry is Comodo Internet Security Software. It offers novel protection features like containment technology that moves and runs suspicious files in an isolated environment. It also combines with other security features to defend against high volume and sophisticated threats. It is beefed up with first-class malware removal capabilities to detect hidden drivers and services loaded when the device starts-up. 

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