What is a Good Antivirus?

Good antivirus helps protect your devices and files from virus, malware, trojan, spyware, worms, ransomware and other malcious attacks. Not having a good antivirus on your PC is like requesting a criminal into the home or having an uninvited guest!


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what is a good antivirus

What Made a Best Antivirus in the Past vs Present?

There are plenty of antiviruses on the market, but what makes  a good one? Until fairly recently, there was malware, but only limited strains. They were easier to handle and detect, and experts found it easy to update virus definitions in antivirus blacklists. So antiviruses with signature-based techniques were efficient in detecting and removing malware. However, with the evolution of technology and proliferation of malware and cybercrime, security breaches are now a huge problem. Traditional antivirus systems are not equipped to handle the latest unknown, zero-day threats. The most effective antiviruses are now equipped with better security options and have added more techniques and methods to help users stay safe from online threats. 

Good antivirus should have all the follwing features:


Implements whitelisting to restrict entry to onlyknown files and programs

Auto Containment

Suspicious files and apps are sent to a virtual environment, safe from your computer or server

Cloud-Based Antivirus

Cloud based updates for complete protection, even when the system is not updated with the latest virus definitions

Cloud-Based Behavior Analysis

Helps to identify zero-day malware instantly

Cloud-Based Whitelisting

Cloud-based whitelisting helps to detect authorized programs from legitimate vendors


Authorizes executable programs and processes running on your computer and prevents them from inflicting any harm on the users' system 


Keeps track of the processes running on the computer and notifies the user if they could potentially threaten your privacy and/or security

Host Intrusion Protection System (HIP)

A rules-based intrusion prevention system that monitors the activities of all applications and processes on your computer


Proactive antivirus to detect and eliminate malware


Protects system from inbound and outbound Internet attacks

Website Filtering

Secures users from phishing websites by framing a protocol for specific user access

Secure Shopping

A security laden virtual platform is generated to provide complete security for online banking and shopping

Secure Wireless Internet

TrustConnect ensures online surfing of the web safely from any public hotspot

Cloud Backup

Backup of sensitive data is vital with a cloud backup system

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) bolsters the above features to deliver 360°protection against even the most malicious unknown and zero-day threats. You want  prevention, detection and protection for your computers.

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