What is the Best Antivirus Software?

Antivirus packages are supposed to protect PCs against malicious software. Almost every PC has an antivirus these days. But unfortunately, not all of them serve their purpose. As a result, the cyber security market has its share of inefficient antivirus packages, and each day, many gullible users fall prey to them. To prevent this from happening, we try to provide some answers here, so that users like you can make a better decision when it comes to selecting antivirus packages.

What is Best Antivirus

First, What Is An Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software protects your computers from all kinds of malicious software by regularly scanning your systems and preventing malware in its tracks, mostly before (and sometimes after) the malware enters your system. The point to be noted here is that they don't take any action against the malware. (This job is usually reserved for other security software or tools.) They just detect and prevent the malware from operating. 

Simply put, they are similar to security guards of our real world, who stop strangers from entering into buildings. Because while they may perceive them to be harmful, until the proper check  like producing ID or a reference from someone inside the building — is carried out. antivirus packages, pretty much do the same job for your PC. 

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What Makes An Antivirus Software The Best?

There's no such thing as the best antivirus package. What works today may not work that well tomorrow. But there are definitely certain industry-standard features which distinguish an antivirus package from the ordinary and help PC users like you successfully thwart various security threats out there.

A good antivirus package will at least contain the following:

  • Auto Sandboxing Capability: a technique that allows unknown files (which could be good or bad) to be run in a separate environment without letting them impact your operating system. 
  • Efficient Whitelisting: ability to mark certain files as trustworthy and give them default access. Another basic provision which should be a part of any antivirus package. Because, without this, files (both known or unknown) will get checked again and again – which is just a waste of time. 
  • Cloud-based Behavior Analysis: with the increase in zero-day malware (unchecked security vulnerabilities which are identified and exploited by hackers even before the makers find out about the security flaw) the need for a cloud-based behavior- analysis system which can keep within the antivirus packages the signatures of the latest malware is important.
  • Spyware Scanning: it's not always possible to beat malware from entering your PC(s). Therefore, the antivirus package you choose should always at least contain a spyware scanner, which can automatically detect and delete spyware existing in your PC registry, other files, and folders.

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Why Use Comodo Antivirus?

Like mentioned earlier, antivirus packages can detect and prevent malware. They cannot take other actions against malware. For this, they should be supplemented with the right mixture of security tools. So, it's always best to buy the whole security package if you wish to protect your PC against zero-day malware attacks and other evolving security threats

Comodo Antivirus offers 360* protection to your PC(s) against various internal and external threats by combining a powerful antivirus, an enterprise-class web traffic filtering firewall, HIPS and Containment technology, Virtual Desktop and much more - all rolled into one solution for just $29.99.

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Comodo Antivirus employs the Default Deny Protection approach - a technology which is unique to Comodo - in combating new malware which poses majority of the security threats. Apart from the impressive features that make it a competitive tool in the industry, it is the only security software out there which can protect you against file-less malware. Let's take a look at some of its other features. 

  • Firewall: Monitors and regulatesr the incoming as well as outgoing traffic from your PC. This can be easily achieved using the CIS's firewall.
  • Containment: a technology which assists you to run unknown (and therefore risky) applications separately such that they cannot harm your computer.
  • Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS): Malware can do nothing without altering the state of your operating system in some form. With the help of HIPS, you can successfully track as well as monitor all the applications and processes on your computer. And the moment any suspicious activity is detected – be it in system-memory, registry keys or personal data – the root cause of the change will be stopped before it damages your operating system.
  • Virtual Desktop: When browsing the internet, you give away vital information about your PC which can compromise its security badly. But with CIS, as you'll be subscribing to the services Virtual Desktop, you can freely browse the internet and run programs without any fear of those activities damaging your real computer.
  • And Much More, including:Website filtering, VirusScope, Secure Wireless Internet Connectivity (with complete version only) and Cloud Backup

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