Is There Any Such Thing as An Android Virus Removal Program?

The wonders of the internet and smartphones do not seem to end. Seamless internet connectivity and applications to order food and whatnot…

"What Else Can a Person Ask For?"

Even with the best smartphone in everyone’s pocket, privacy is still a matter of worry. What is the first source to allow a person to hack into your smartphone? You guessed it right – It is a virus program. With so many photos, videos, and social media applications, your smartphone is a gold mine of information for a hacker. With the rise in cyberattacks on the most secured computer systems, you often wonder how long until smartphones become the next target. Thankfully, mobile experts can resolve the confusion regarding this issue.

Android Virus Removal

"Is There Anything Such As an Android Virus?"

The word virus came from the world of PC users where any malicious program harming the system identified as one. A virus program attaches to a file and replicates itself. It is a popular method deployed by hackers looking for sensitive information. The smartphone users had not come across anything resembling a program capable of replicating and infecting all other applications. There are some harmful programs known as malware, which is the Android version of a PC virus.

"How Can A Smartphone Get Infected with a Virus?"

The Android virus is disruptive programs present on your smartphone, which can easily make all private material go public within a fraction of seconds. If you are thinking the Angry Birds game you downloaded from a third-party website in Chinese, you are highly mistaken. The application might appear to be just a game, but has some hidden agenda behind the innocent look. Many applications will start neatly, but steal personal information when you are not watching. A sure way to keep your phone out of its reach is by installing an effective android virus removal program.

"Which Type of Virus Can Infect My Smartphone?"

Below are the four major Android virus programs, which can wreak havoc on an Android smartphone.

1. Ransomware

Ransomware is malware, which takes the Android device hostage until the user pays a specific amount.

  • The payment mostly happens via bitcoins or other digital currency transfers.
  • Some of the most common ways for a hacker to execute this virus is locking down the phone and keeping it so until the user pays up.

2. Malware in Applications

  • The payment mostly happens via bitcoins or other digital currency transfers.
  • A trick these applications utilize is functioning normally for some time before they download an infected file.
  • The phone user would not feel any suspicion towards the new application.

3. Universal Cross-Site Scripting (UXSS)

  • An older Android OS model is always susceptible to this attack.
  • Cybercriminals use a JavaScript code to make the user click on a link containing malware. The cybercriminal then downloads a malicious application on the phone.

Although some users prefer to upgrade the Android OS version, we recommend you instead look for an android virus removal program to take care of the issue.

4. Android Installer Hijack

  • Many Android devices are at risk of infection by the Android Installer Hijacking virus.
  • The Hijacker virus installs a malicious application in the place of the actual one.
  • The virus then sets up another application for installing the malware later.

"How Can I Get Rid Of This Issue?"

We knew this would be the next question from those looking to protect their smartphones. We also know that many smartphone users do not know which antivirus program to trust for their Android devices. No need to worry! We have the answer to this. You can invest in the Comodo antivirus program without a doubt. Now, let us be clear that we want the best for your smartphone Therefore, we also have the answer to your 'WHY'.

  1. Advanced Scanning
  2. The Comodo antivirus comes with a sophisticated ‘on-demand’ scanner to rid your smartphone of unwanted files.

  3. Software Manager
  4. Now it is super-easy to manage each application in your smartphone. View, backup, and uninstall unwanted applications with ease.

  5. Privacy Advisor
  6. Identify and get rid of applications, which can compromise the privacy of data and texts or calls.


Do you want to secure your Android phone against any possible infection by the unauthorized installation of malicious applications? Well, look for reputed android virus removal software to get rid of the issue. It will help to keep your mobile device safe both offline and online.