Best Antivirus For Windows XP

The Best Antivirus for Windows XP is, without doubt, the Comodo Free Antivirus. While there are numerous paid and free antivirus solutions offering security for Windows XP, none of these solutions offer protection against zero-day threats. And cyber criminals unleash their attacks through zero-day exploits. They target the victim with zero-day malware, spread the malware infection, and unleash their malicious activity. Typically, it takes some time for the administrator to observe the malware infection or to become  aware of the repercussions of the malware infection, and by that time the damage would have been inflicted. Unless the antivirus solution is able to stop zero-day malware, it is not worth its salt.


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best antivirus for windows xp

The Specialties of the Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system was an outstanding operating system. It was stable, robust and delivered what it had to do. It can be considered to be the most popular personal operating system from the stables of Microsoft. Many Windows XP users who upgraded to later operating systems such as the Vista found them unsatisfactory and reverted back to the Windows XP. Even now, many ATM machines still run on the Windows XP. Many government institutions and hospitals still rely on the Windows XP.

There are many reasons for not upgrading to the latest operating systems which offer more security and receive support from Microsoft. Primary reasons being: (1) Cost of upgradation of software, (2) Cost of upgradation of hardware, (3) Cost of upgradation to the latest versions of the applications. Some applications do not have versions that run on the latest operating systems. The cost of overhauling the complete system is prohibitive in many cases.

The Necessity of the Best Antivirus for Windows XP

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft had stopped providing extended support for the Windows XP personal computer operating system. This has made it more vulnerable to cyber attacks. In May 2017, computers running on the Windows XP suffered major attacks from the WannaCry ransomware. Data on the computers got encrypted, systems got locked and ransom was demanded in the form of Bitcoins. The Windows XP and other operating systems still continue to face such attacks.

Protection from ransomware - Comodo Free Antivirus

Computer systems that relied on traditional antivirus solutions got breached and infected. However, systems with Comodo Free Antivirus protection stayed protected from the ransomware attack. This is just one episode, but  a study of the breaches in Windows XP systems over the years reveals that only systems with the Comodo Free Antivirus - the Best Antivirus for Windows XP - stayed protected. 

Why is Comodo Free Antivirus - the Best Antivirus for Windows XP

The Comodo Free Antivirus for Windows XP automatically detects and eliminates all types of malware such as viruses, worms, and Trojans. It quickly responds to malware threats through cloud-based scanning. Typically, it offers powerful on-demand, on-access, and scheduled scan capabilities.

An antivirus encounters three types of files - known bad, known good and the unknown. The known bad is blocked by traditional AV solutions (blacklisting). A database of known good files (whitelisting) is maintained by a few antivirus solutions for better system performance. Traditional AV solutions allow all files other than the blacklisted files. Hence, malware infection gets detected only after the infection.

The Comodo Free Antivirus, which is a part of the Comodo Internet Security suite, features a unique default-deny platform that allows only known safe applications and files to access the actual system. It blocks all unknown files and automatically runs them in a sophisticated virtualization container, with virtual COM interfaces, Disk, Registry, and Memory. The Best Antivirus for Windows XP allows changes to be made ONLY to the virtual system.

The behavior of the unknown file is studied, and based on the result the Comodo Free Antivirus allows or does not allow the file to access the actual files of the Windows XP computers. Comodo Free Antivirus is the Best Antivirus for Windows XP and is the only cyber security solution that can protect Windows XP computers.