Why Using Antivirus for Windows XP Is Dangerous?

Just as we prefer beneficial smartphones over outdated telephones, in the same way, it's always best to stick with the latest when it comes to Windows OS as well - which is Windows 10. But unfortunately, despite Microsoft issuing many, many warnings, individuals, as well as enterprises, still prefer to stick to older Windows versions. Chiefly because we hate change and because legacy systems might not work well with the latest Windows OS.

But sticking with older Windows OS(es) – especially Windows XP – is very dangerous, as the chances of your system coming under attack increase manifold. In this blog post, let's take a look at some reasons why using Windows XP is still dangerous.

Antivirus for Windows XP

Reason Number 1: More Vulnerable: This goes without saying. Because you are preferring an older Windows version, over a more secure, latest version. Therefore you are bound to run into trouble because of the already vulnerable Windows OS you are sticking with, which Microsoft no longer supports.

Reason Number 2: No Support for Windows XP: Microsoft ended support for Windows XP long back. To be precise, in 2014. Therefore there is no real chance of returning from setbacks caused by security threats like malware attacks or zero-day threats – if you are using Windows XP.

Reason Number 3: Even One Windows XP Can Infect The Whole Network: Just one Windows XP machine is usually enough to serve as the entry point for security attacks. Therefore enterprises should ensure all the PC(s) available within their network – including those mobile devices which connect to the network from outside – contain the latest Windows OS.

Therefore It's Time To Upgrade

As you realize, sticking with Windows XP is really not worth it. So rather than acting when it's too late, be proactive and upgrade your Windows OS before security threats start invading your PC(s) and laptops. In other words, it's time to upgrade your Windows OS so that it stays safe against malware attacks.

But Should You Choose To Continue With Windows XP despite all these warnings then

We can understand your situation. And there are other ways to securing your Windows XP than just upgrading to the latest Windows OS. We strongly suggest you use our Comodo Antivirus for protecting your Windows XP machines. This way, your Windows XP machine will be getting the best antivirus protection that is available in the cybersecurity market and therefore will be secure against known malware threats and unknown zero-day attacks too.

Use Comodo Best Free Antivirus For XP

Comodo Antivirus which comes equipped with impressive security features offers the best free antivirus for XP in the cybersecurity industry. Equipped with technologies like Containment, Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), Viruscope, Secure Shopping, Firewall and more, the best free antivirus for XP offered by Comodo Antivirus ensures the vulnerable Windows XP is protected not just against malware attacks but against zero-day threats too.

Comodo Antivirus which offers the best free antivirus for XP contains the following:

  • Containment: Technology unique to Comodo which ensures all files or applications are denied entry into your PC(s) by default, whether they are known good (whitelisted ones), known bad (blacklisted ones) or unknown (not identified or encountered so far) until they prove themselves to be harmless.

  • Host Intrusion Protection (HIPS): CIS also ships with a default HIPS rule-set which offer protection to your PC(s). Simply put, Comodo HIPS protects system critical files or folders from malware infections by enforcing a set of security rules that offer high levels of protection. HIPS rule-set is highly customizable.

  • Protection Against Fileless Malware: One of the most important features of CIS is that successfully detects fileless malware which is known to leave no traces behind and is, therefore, is hard to detect. A security feature which every PC of today needs to combat the cybersecurity threat landscape.

  • Viruscope: this technology unique to Comodo, basically monitors all the processes running on your computer and alerts you when a process behaves abnormally or has gone rogue (indications of malware infection). Using Viruscope, PC users can potentially reverse or undo such undesirable processes.

  • Virtual Desktop: When browsing the internet, you give away vital information about your PC which can compromise its security badly. But with CIS, as you'll be subscribing to the services Virtual Desktop, you can freely browse the internet and run programs without any fear of those activities damaging your real computer.

  • Rescue Disk: Extremely useful security feature which allows PC users to run virus scans in the pre-boot environment. That is before Windows OS loads itself.

  • And Much More: Website filtering, protection against fileless malware, cloud-based protection and much more ensure your PC(s) are protected not just against different types of malware attacks but against zero-day threats as well.

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