Proactive Free Antivirus and Malware Protection

EComputers need to be secured with proactive free antivirus and malware protection. You must protect your computer and the computers used in your organization from virus and malware attacks. Do not fall for the misconception that computers do not require antivirus and malware protection. Your computers will  get infected with malware, and will  get compromised. If your computer has been infected with a sophisticated malware you will not even suspect that your system has been infected. The malware could be performing a Man-in-the-Middle attack - spying on your activities and stealing and sending sensitive information to the attackers.


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Antivirus and Malware

There is a wide variety of malware such as viruses, worms, spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses, rootkits, bots, and adware. As their names imply, they cause different types of damage.

Basic Blacklisting-based Security

Numerous cyber security vendors offer free antivirus and malware protection solutions. Most of these solutions offer the same type of protection. Basically, a cyber security solution has to encounter three types of files: known bad, know good and unknown files. Most traditional free antivirus and malware protection solutions successfully provide protection against the "known bad files". This method, called "blacklisting," is based on maintaining a database of virus definitions and checking the hash of every file that enters the computer against the hash of the known virus definitions. The virus database is typically shared among cyber security vendors as part of a collaborative effort, as thousands of new malware are discovered every day.

Whitelisting for Better System Performance

A few cyber security vendors, such as Comodo, maintain a database of "known good" files called "white listing". The hash of the encountered files/applications is compared against the white list database and if they match they are allowed into the system. This ensures better system performance.

Deadly Unknown Files

The third type is the "unknown file" - this could be good or malicious. Traditional free antivirus and malware protection solutions allow all files except the known bad files. If they turn out to be good then the systems are safe; however, if the file is malicious then it could create havoc. If the malware causes visible damage then you could alert your antivirus vendor to provide a solution. However, by the time the cure is found, the malware would have inflicted the damage and also spread to other connected devices.

Only Protection against Zero-Day Exploits

The Comodo Free Antivirus and Malware Protection solution contains a proactive antivirus engine that contains an in-built capability to automatically detect and delete all types of known and unknown malware. It also features instant on-demand, on-access and scheduled virus scan capabilities. Further, it is the only antivirus solution that provides protection against unknown malware and zero-day threats through a Default-Deny Posture - which allows only safe files and applications to run. All unknown applications are automatically run in a sophisticated virtual container where the behavior of the unknown file is observed. A cloud-based quick verdict of either good or bad is obtained.Then, based on the verdict, the file is allowed or deleted if it is malware.

The Comodo Free Antivirus and Malware Protection solution is a part of the robust Comodo Internet Security suite that comprises an award-winning Firewall, protection against Man in the Middle attacks, Host Intrusion Prevention System, Web Filtering, cloud-based instant malware analysis and secure shopping features.

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