How To Remove Malware From Your Windows PC

The modern-day malware spares no operating system. Least of all Microsoft's Windows. Its popularity has become its burden. All of Windows OS(es) including Windows 10 have had their share of security threats. Therefore, in this blog post, let's take a look at how Windows 10 PC users like you can remove malware from your Windows PC, what are the signs to look out for, and what are the actions you need to take.

First, let's have a brief look at some signs of a malware-infected PC: slower-than-usual performance, a lot of unnecessary pop-ups, a constantly changing browser home page, your device shutting down and restarting on its own etc., including any other unusual behavior which your computer is not supposed to display.

How to Remove Malware

Now, the 3 critical steps of how to remove malware when using Windows 10 are as follows:

Best 3 Methods to Remove Malware from PC

  1. Enter Safe Mode
  2. Delete Temporary Files
  3. Use Comodo Internet Security (CIS)
  1. Enter Safe Mode: If you have observed the signs which usually accompany malware infection (slow performance, unnecessary pop-ups, blue screen etc.,), the first thing you should do is disconnect your PC from the internet in order to prevent further damage. Next, boot it using Windows Safe mode.

    What Windows Safe mode does is it operates your computer using only the minimum required programs and services. This can prevent the malware from operating, as malware infections usually occur in some obscure software or process which may not be that necessary to operate your system and then spread to other parts.

    Please remember Windows Safe mode stops the malware from being active, it does it put an end to it or remove it totally.

  2. Delete Temporary Files: Although deleting temporary files has nothing to do with removing malware infection. Decluttering or free up computer storage space is quite important for running virus scans (which we will come to in the next step). Therefore, for this reason, you have to delete temporary files. Moreover, who knows your computer might not be infected after all and can be back to its usual speed after a good clean up!

  3. Use Comodo Internet Security (CIS): CIS comes equipped with impressive security features using which not just malware attacks but even zero-day threats too can be handled effectively. Backed by Default Deny Approach, CIS handles or runs unknown applications within secured containers thereby preventing them from infecting your computer. Which means the chances of malware infecting your PC is pretty less, to begin with!

How To Remove Malware Using CIS

CIS priced editions come equipped with Unlimited Live Expert Virus Removal service. Which means our Comodo security experts are at your disposal 24/7 (and the service is unlimited) to offer their expertise in case you are infected by malware. In other words, they will be assisting you to disinfect your malware infected machine.

But remember that when using CIS, chances of you getting infected with malware is very less in the first place. We are just talking about how CIS can help in the worst-case scenario of you getting malware infected. Therefore download CIS and stay away from malware infections.

CIS contains the following security features:

  • Default Deny Approach: Using this technology, we ensure all unknown and therefore dangerous applications are run within secure containers, without affecting your PC(s). A pretty useful feature in today rapidly changing cybersecurity threat landscape which throws up unpredictable challenges.

  • HIPS and Viruscope: Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) allows PC users to impose a set of security rules based on which a host intrusion prevention system would be established. In other words, a security system for keeping malware out will be established. Viruscope, on the other hand, monitors the system processes and prevents malware from infecting those processes.

  • Protection Against Fileless Malware: One of the most important features of CIS is that successfully detects fileless malware which is known to leave no traces behind and is, therefore, is hard to detect. A security feature which every PC of today needs to combat the cybersecurity threat landscape.

  • Ability To Handle Zero-Day Malware: Another popular security threat which needs to be tackled. And Comodo's Antivirus has the ability to do that. One of the most significant security measures which set Comodo Antivirus apart from the others in the IT security industry.

  • Live Virus Removal Support: Our security experts will be at your disposal 24/7 and will assist you to disinfect your infected machine every step of the way in case of malware infections. This means your computer will be back to its normal state in no time!

Download Comodo Interner Security

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