PC Security Software

The moment you buy a PC, you  may step inside the world of hacking – that is, if you fail to take proper security measures. And by security measures, we mean, at least the basic antivirus and other such security software. A decade ago, antivirus alone would have done the job. But now the cybersecurity threat landscape has changed so much that you need a suite  of PC security software to ward off security threats.

Let's take a look at how PC users like you can go about building the best PC security software suite that can stand the test of time.

PC Security Software
Choose Antivirus Which...
  1. Prevents Suspicious Elements (Files & Applications) By Default:

    In a cybersecurity threat landscape being dominated by zero-day exploits, PC users need an antivirus which prevents anything suspicious by default. Like for example, our very own Comodo Antivirus, that employs Default-Deny Approach.
  2. Scans Your PC(s) Thoroughly:

    Efficient PC scanning and monitoring is another important aspect. PC users need this because sometimes it can be the only way of finding out whether the PC is malware-infected or not. A combination of HIPS (which stops malicious activity) and Viruscope (which undoes malicious activity) technology provides solid defense for users employing Comodo Antivirus.
  3. Contains Advanced Firewall:

    Regulating web traffic is also crucial, because malware enters your PC(s) through the web. Therefore, a highly configurable firewall which defends PC(s) against inbound and outbound internet attacks is absolutely necessary.
Choose Security Software Which...
  1. Protects Against Zero-Day Malware:

    Use security software which employs behavioral analysis via sandboxing technique for combating zero-day malware. Your chances of fending off zero-day malware will improve greatly when employing security software which supports this feature. Comodo Antivirus and Internet Security Suite do.
  2. Provides Malware Removal Service:

    Your security software should be capable of handling worst-case scenarios as well. After all, we are living in an age of zero-day attacks. Therefore, buy only that security software – like our very own Comodo Internet Security – which offers malware removal service as well.
  3. Offers Online Storage and Backup:

    Another security measure PC users simply cannot afford to miss out on. Online storage and backup become extremely critical if your PC(s) suffer malware infections which make your PC(s) irretrievable. Therefore, select a security software which offers online storage and backup.

If you put together a PC Security Software – either as a stand-alone internet security package or as antivirus + other security tools - which contains all the security features listed here, then your PC will be safeguarded against various security threats, including zero-day exploits. So  choose wisely and protect your PC(s).

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