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The top-most security is what you need to secure your computer. There are hundreds or thousands of free antivirus solutions, and you require the top free antivirus to secure your computer. There are quite a number of organizations that rate free antivirus solutions to list the top free antivirus solution.

To be considered as a top free antivirus solution, the product must satisfy certain criteria – essential criteria and outstanding criteria. Before you analyze articles or reports on the top free antivirus, it is recommended that you must know about the essential criteria needed in a free antivirus solution. There are also paid antivirus solutions that offer some extra features in addition to the features in the free versions. 

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There are different types of malware that are used to attack computers - viruses, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware, scareware, adware, keyloggers, bots, etc. Each type inflicts a different type of damage. A ransomware would prevent access to the system or encrypt the data; spyware would spy on the activities taking place in the system and steal data; a keylogger would capture the keystrokes (which would allow it to capture sensitive passwords and other credentials); a Trojan misleads users of its true intent; a virus is a type of malware that replicates itself, modifies other computer programs, and inserts its own code. 

Essential Criteria of a Free Antivirus

  1. Basically, it must have the capability to identify malware
  2. It should be able to instantly remove or quarantine the malware
  3. It should be able to identify suspicious files
  4. The Free Antivirus should provide defense proactively against all kinds of malware, not just viruses
  5. It should automatically scan all downloaded files as well as files that enter the computer through the network
  6. It should feature a facility for cloud-based scanning as it offers better efficiency
  7. It should provide real-time protection
  8. It should be easy to handle even for common users
  9. It should ensure a secure connection to the internet
  10. It should not downgrade system performance

The Real Danger of Zero-day Exploits

Typical Free antivirus  solutions offer the features mentioned above. In the present-day cyber world, attackers target vulnerabilities in computers for which fixes are not yet available. These vulnerabilities are termed as zero-day exploits. Attackers could initiate an attack in the morning and by evening, much before when the antivirus companies have found a cure (a way to block the malware), the damage would have been done. Traditional antivirus solutions are effective only against known malware.

A study of the reports about top free antivirus solutions would reveal that a different solution is recommended by each report. The variation would be based on the criteria considered for the comparison. But not many reports consider the ability to detect and block/remove unknown files.

Default-Deny Security

The Comodo Free Antivirus, which is a part of the Comodo Internet Security Suite, features a default-deny feature that provides protection against the threat of unknown files. It automatically blocks and containerizes unknown files. The behavior of the files is then studied within a sophisticated virtual environment. Based on the behavior, a verdict is reached and only if it is found to be good will the file be allowed into the system; If the file is found to be malware it is deleted.

Comodo Free Antivirus is the Top Free Anti Virus as it is the ONLY solution that provides protection against zero-day threats (unknown malware).