Top Rated Antivirus – How to choose it

There are plenty of antivirus solutions claiming to be the best among the lot. As your system, data, credential data, and financial data are at stake, you must filter out the ordinary to find out the actual top rated antivirus solution. You cannot risk using the second-best solution. You cannot compromise or your system will get compromised.

An antivirus solution must detect and block viruses and other types of malware from entering your system(computer) and affecting your system and compromising the system hardware and the data within. There are certain basic criteria that are required for any antivirus solution. Ensure that these criteria are met, and that factor will help you identify the extra characteristics that make up the top rated antivirus.

Top Rated Antivirus Essential Features and Abilities:

  1. Capability to identify suspicious files
  2. Immediate removal of malware
  3. Provide proactive defense mechanism against malware
  4. Cloud-based scanning for updated instant scans
  5. Regular antivirus definition updates
  6. Antivirus definition hot-fix updates
  7. Easy to use interface
  8. Real-time protection against malicious behavior
  9. Automatic scanning of downloaded files
  10. Must not affect system performance
  11. Enable secure connection to the internet

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Top Rated Antivirus

These are typical characteristics of an antivirus solution.

Every year, antivirus solutions are compared and rated by certain institutions. This rating may differ between the institutions as they may have used different criteria for the evaluation.

Choose the antivirus solutions that is rated as the topmost by each institution and compare their features. Most solutions will have the same features and their actual ability depends on their antivirus engine and virus database.

Some cybersecurity experts recommend real-time testing of antivirus solutions to find out if they are actually as capable as they claim to be. Basically, you should check out expert reviews, user reviews, and independent testing reports to reach a conclusion. And unless they are paid solutions, you could download, install the solutions and check if the solutions are as good as they claim to be. This is where the truth will come out.

Online Ratings:

There are true and false ratings. Some are "paid ratings" and biased ratings that are used as a form of advertisement. These will not provide a true picture.

Online Reviews: It is same as in the case of ratings – there are true as well as "paid" and "biased" reviews.

Cybersecurity forums: This a good place as actual users would be putting forth their opinions, report issues and request for help. You would get trustworthy reviews here.

The Comodo Free Antivirus

The Comodo Antivirus is an award-winning solution that detects and destroys known and unknown malware. It has won numerous awards including: the OPSWAT Gold certified anti-malware award, the Software Informer 100% Clean No Viruses No Spyware No Adware Award, the Software Informer Editor's pick excellent award, and the Software Informer User pick Good Choice award. This top rated Free Antivirus solution provides:

  1. Cloud-based scanning for 24/7/365 protection
  2. Up to date latest virus definitions
  3. Isolates suspicious files by Auto Sandboxing technology
  4. Defends against malicious threats through Defense+ Technology
  5. The only antivirus solution that has a Unique Default-Deny architecture that even protects against zero-day (unknown) threats. No other antivirus solution provides this protection. And this is the way most zero-day attacks take place today.

Comodo Antivirus is the only antivirus solution that can protect your IT systems, networks and data, and is the real "top rated antivirus" among all other antivirus solutions.