Windows Antivirus Reviews

Online Windows Antivirus reviews are not always correct. Sometimes they project a really good antivirus as bad and vice versa. Therefore relying only on online windows antivirus reviews is not such a good option as they can be misleading. And moreover, when you've got a good an antivirus like Comodo Antivirus, why bother going through windows antivirus reviews anyway?

In this blog, let's take a look at one of the reasons why Comodo Antivirus is the best in the IT security market and when you should be downloading it immediately.

Windows Antivirus Reviews

Comodo Antivirus Implements Virtual Desktop Technology

Virtual Desktop technology enables PC users to isolate their applications, files, and folders and run them in a separate 'sandboxed' environment and also access the internet, without any fear or danger of being subjected to malicious malware attacks and other such dangers residing on the internet.

Virtual Desktop is pretty useful in safeguarding your PC (along with the confidential information residing in it), as users while choosing this option, will be working in an environment which is completely isolated from your computer, and therefore cannot cause harm to your operating system.

Comodo Virtual Desktop Advantages

Some of the advantages of using Virtual Desktop technology include :

  • Users are presented with a 'secure' environment protected against security threats: With the Virtual desktop, users are essentially presented with a secure environment which even if it gets infected with malware infections will not have any effect on the real working environment of the user – that is, his or her operating system.
  • Damage gets inflicted only upon the virtual environment, not the real operating system: Since the sandboxed environment is a virtual space totally disconnected with the operating system, the real operating system is not faced with the burden of handling attacks.
  • Suitable for running unknown and untrusted applications: Internet is abundant with risky applications. And Virtual Desktop presents a perfect virtual environment for running such risky applications without the fear of getting the real operating system infected.
  • Preferable for activities like online banking and online transactions as the Virtual Desktop mode prevents keylogging, data storage etc., amongst others: Sensitive data transmitted during transactions like online banking and online shopping usually gets stored on the PC(s) which is dangerous as hackers can have a go at it. That is, steal the data.
    This is prevented in the case of using the virtual desktop as nothing gets stored as there will be no residue left behind in the form of cookies or history.
  • Users also have the option of password-protecting Virtual Desktop space for added privacy: Finally, users are also provided with the option of securing their virtual desktop or space using passwords. This adds an additional layer of protection to the already secure and isolated space.

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