Google Play Protect Fails Android Antivirus Tests

November 1, 2017 | By seo
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Android’s new built-in antivirus program, Google Play Protect, just had its first big test — and it has failed miserably.

An independent German lab AV-Test conducted a test on Android antivirus and found that the Google’s own in-house antivirus could detect only 35 percent of the new malware. This was in sharp contrast to what other product had scored which stood at 99 percent in all categories.

It was the first time that German’s AV-Test had tested Google Play, and through the inbuilt Antivirus will detect the malware, this latest result proved to be a disappointment. This only proved the theory that Google play had to use third-party AV solution to protect their Android device.

The search engine giant, Google introduced Google Play Protect only recently to protect Android devices on Google Play, like Gmail and other apps. It now bundles together that the features like Android Device Manager, now known as finding my device scan all the apps installed on a device through Google play or not.

The prominent difference now is that Google Play protects is more active kind of app than what it was in the previous version, and shows the scanning of malware through progress circle.

Google play protects, serves as a backdrop to shield the users from malware attack since many Android users don’t have antivirus installed on their devices. It is better than anything that improves Android security whitelisted.

This, according to the experts is not a good way to cover the threat, the second worst thing is that Android AV-Test fails against the Korean language based app Droid-X3. This one did better than Google Play protect, by stopping 83 percent of the new malware, and 94 percent of the old malware, which was a good equation.

So the findings revealed that Google play’s built-in antivirus failed to detect most of the malware, which its third party was able to do it with ease. The German Lab AV-Test gave it a naught 0/6 in malware protection. This is not an impressive start by the Google Play protect.

The world can hope that Google play improves, and keeps its users protected from the malware world. Lesson learned, that Microsoft Defender is not best placed to protect malware since the ransomware attack. It has now improved to the level next to their third party or rivals when it comes to defending Windows.

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