Do Mac System needs Antivirus Software

November 13, 2017 | By admin
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It’s just a misconception that only Windows OS requires antivirus protection.

The last 10-years we have seen what happened to those who have been taking the digital security lightly. All these years the target was Windows OS and may feel that only Windows was vulnerable to such cyber attacks, thus giving room to the thought that Microsoft OS is not safe for commercial purpose.

Today, we have seen how Apple/Mac OS with its tight architecture, and built-in security features stands vulnerable to cyber security. Now we see how both Mac and Windows are coming up with technologies that are fending off malware. Things that moved out of cloud service has changed the demographics completely. Now web-borne attacks are designed to attack cloud services. This way nothing remains same, all are vulnerable.

It’s true that Windows OS is more vulnerable to malware attack, and it can be due to its popularity, but in the last few years, we have seen how malware is designed to attack Mac systems. Apple even issues a statement to Mac users to not only rely on their OS for security, but be careful dealing with software that is out of their domain, prevention is better than cure.

Cyber criminals are not like how it was in the early days. They are smart and one step ahead of all the gimmicks that security agents put in place. The malicious software program is written in a complex format, that is designed keeping in mind the vulnerabilities of the Operating System. They are not writing some poor quality code, but are more focused on attacking your blind spots, by either working around the OS or by baiting the user to click on the link and let them come in and do the rest.

CoinThief, one of the most notorious Trojans that took Mac users by surprise. A smart Trojan that goes for Bitcoins after they have infiltrated the Mac system. This particular malware has devasted nearly 600,000 Mac devices worldwide. The latest trend of Ransomware, that goes exactly by its name- extorting money, is perfecting the art by every passing day. Apple was on its toes in 2016, when they had to fight KeRanger, the first of its kind ransomware for Mac.

Be first and secure your digital world

Most of the users worldwide thinks that cybersecurity is about protection from an antivirus and that antivirus software is enough to deal with it. The reality is anti-malware solution designed for Mac computers defends the user from all kinds of attack; anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-ransomware and more. The next layer of protection is the one that allows your computer to run the software that you have authorized.

The interesting part of mac antivirus is that if they are on your system, they will never show any traces of their presence. The system will be running as usual, and the user will not face any glitch with regards to system operations. This may be the most dangerous of all the malware that we have seen all these years because this virus has the capacity to lead out your private information. The browser habits, contact, history and other information. This information is used by others and they take advantage of the data and silently use mine digital currency in your computer’s performance. You will not know that your computer is multitasking, till the date you realize that the hardware has worn out with excessive usage, and your electricity bills have shot up.

All Security Solution the same?

The best part and the best way to protect yourself from cyber attack and virus is to make sure you don’t bite the bait, honey traps that circulates on the internet. There are plenty of fake malware protection, which otherwise does is the opposite to what you might be expecting. Cyber criminals lurk everywhere from; Windows to Apple OS.

Be wise and choose the best web security solution that helps to protect your device and network..

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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