Myths Debunked about Antivirus Software

November 15, 2017 | By admin
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Antivirus software is interpreted to be a prerequisite to using a computer and be connected to the online world. Well, most of us would not even think to have a system without antivirus, because we think that viruses are going around in and will catch up with your system. Nevertheless, there are few myths related to antivirus software, and most of these myths are something that prevents users from knowing the full potential of the antivirus software and the uses of it.

Top 10 myths about antivirus software

    1. Here are the 10 myths about antivirus software that we come across on a daily basis when they are dealing with security-related cases. Let’s get to know what it is.
  • Antivirus is useless, it creates panic

Sadly, too many people believe antivirus software is useless or that viruses are a myth
It’s really unfortunate that people think Antivirus is some sort of panic program that is induced into the mind of the users and it is basically you.

  • Useless, and this is a myth

If you have read about malware, trojan, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers as notorious and dubious software that steals your vital information from your system. You may probably know this infectious software is true, then you have to believe that there is a tool that kills and protects such infection to spread. That is what we call antivirus software.

  • It slows down your system

To some extent, this is true because it happens only when you have installed a second-rate antivirus package, which tends to take up most of your system’s memory. The speeds come down because such software is designed to run on every node and it eats up most of the system’s resources. A good and authenticated antivirus software will not put enough load on the resources, because they already contain any unwarranted software into confinement and then quarantine it, without hindering the process of your system.

  • It speeds up your computer

This is yet another myth, contrary to the above, that, it speeds up the process back to what it was in the beginning.

  • Antivirus is ineffective against new malware

Yes, new viruses that come into the world, one fine morning is not easy to be detected, because every virus comes with a hidden code, and before the cyber experts or antivirus company can read the source they have to be on the trial and error mode. But, sooner they will get the solution and before the new virus creates havoc, it is taken to task. But most software today is designed to alert the users of a new program when it scans and find a dubious code intended to harm the operation. This rare code is then treated as malware and a new patch is released to counter the virus process.

The most users may not be knowing that the only difference between the two is the features. When you pay for a package you get more features, and the free comes with minimal protection. This is then followed by customer support and updates. So anything that comes free comes with a clause.
When Using Windows No Need for Antivirus.
When ransomware WannaCry hit the cyber world across it infected the Windows OS system the most, till Microsoft came out with a patch to fix the flaw. So this is just another myth. If the system is clean you need not have to worry, otherwise, Virus doesn’t distinguish between Windows and iOS.

  • No Download No Virus

Most of the antivirus comes from a website that is genuine. For example, a church website will have some plugin that tempts users to click, and thus get infected. Earlier the source of the virus was from a Porn website, which is now considered to be safe. Porn website is maintained by professionals and their intention is to run their business, and obviously, they will not do anything that will prevent users from visiting them, on the other hand, religious and other website are run by volunteers, and they come from a different background with different intentions.

The common thing that differentiates the two is something called ‘basic’. Internet security is just a basic version of an antivirus software. It is not rich with features.

  • Antivirus software is more than Enough for Security

As said above the cyber world is full of infection, and sometimes just having an antivirus is not enough. There is the specialized virus that needs specialized treatment, so just having an antivirus is not enough. A good firewall cannot be a substitute for antivirus. Having said that Antivirus is not enough.

  • Two is better than One

Sailing in two boats can be a catastrophe, similarly having two antivirus on your system can have an opposite effect, because both software will clash with each other while the malware will make an easy entry into your system.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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