Mobile Antivirus News: Google Releases a Security Patch for Android in April 2019

July 12, 2019 | By admin
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Savvy smartphone users who know the importance of having mobile antivirus are also aware of the mobile update suggestions that pop up on their devices. But for many users, these security updates don’t seem like they’re changing anything essential or adding anything new. However, users need to understand that these updates are indeed protecting the phone from exploits. An update can appear as a notification, so users may opt to ignore it because the installation process can take your device out of commission for almost 20-30 minutes.

Security Patch For Android

The updates that Google releases every month are important because they ensure that the Android OS is as secure as possible. There are many vulnerabilities in Android, and Google is doing all that it can to push out fixes for these vulnerabilities in order to keep their users safe. We also have a variety of mobile antivirus software to protect our mobile devices.

Currently, the April 2019 Android security update for Pixel users has been launched by Google. Through two security patch levels, the new update addresses a total of 89 issues. Google is releasing the April Android security update for the Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel XL smartphones, including the Pixel C tablet. The new update is linked with the display screen flashing issue that was identified by a few Pixel 3 users in the past.

The Android Security Bulletin — April 2019 contains details of the security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. This latest Android security update solves 11 issues via the security patch level dated 2019-04-01 and 78 through the patch level dated 2019-04-05.

The most severe issue refers to a critical security vulnerability in the media framework, capable of enabling a remote attacker using a specifically crafted file to execute arbitrary code within the context of a privileged process. The severity assessment is built on the effect of what exploiting the vulnerability could probably have on an affected device, whether the platform and service mitigations are turned off for development purposes or if successfully bypassed.

comodo antivirus

Mobile Antivirus News: Installing April 2019 Android Security Update

To manually check the availability of the April 2019 Android security update on your Pixel phone, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update. The update is well-matched with the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel XL, Pixel, and Pixel C.

Google also provides factory images that can be downloaded to flash your Pixel model with the latest update. It is always good to back up your data prior to flashing your device with new software, as all your existing data can get deleted in the process. You can also download any of the OTA ZIP files to install the April Android security update on your Pixel device through an unlocked bootloader. Your device will have to be running the latest Android version to get the recent security update.

Security patches, as we all know, help in fixing security vulnerabilities and several other bugs. To provide your Android device with the best security possible, you will have to install a reliable and efficient mobile antivirus app capable of protecting your Android devices from unsafe apps, potentially risky settings, viruses, and theft. One such reliable mobile antivirus for Android users has been developed by Comodo, a cybersecurity company.

The Comodo Antivirus for Android defends the entry and interference of malicious apps and files. This exceptional mobile antivirus security solution for Android, known as Comodo Mobile Security (CMS), is considered to be a cutting-edge mobile antivirus security technology for Android devices. Data and apps are kept safe with CMS features such as high-performance malware engine, ID Protection, VPN, AppLock, safe browsing, cloud scanning option, SD Card protection, and up-to-date malware detection capabilities.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

By disguising your IP address and encrypting your mobile connection, the VPN keeps your browsing 100% private. Your private details are kept safe and anonymous on a public Wi-Fi network, and this data also becomes unreadable for your ISP and mobile network provider.

Identity Theft Protection

Your passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses, social security number (SSN), phone numbers, and pin numbers can be sold to the highest bidder on the Dark Web. The mobile antivirus CMS keeps an eye on the bad guys and instantly sends alerts should your sensitive data be put on sale by hackers, giving you sufficient time to change your credentials and alert credit bureaus and your credit card companies.

App Lock

This feature from the mobile antivirus CMS will block access to any of your phone apps. Comodo’s App Lock is capable of preventing prying eyes from using or accessing the apps you desire to keep private. All you have to do is to pick a pattern, and the app is locked.

Safe Browsing

The mobile antivirus CMS will help secure your browsing experience by preventing suspicious websites from stealing your personal data or taking control of your browser.

In order to protect your updated Android device, be sure to download the mobile antivirus software from Comodo.

Comodo Antivirus for Android

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